To attain the national american coronet title of my division

I am 6yrs old
I am in first grade
I I currently have all A’s
My school is Trinity Lutheran

In school I love math and writing
Also like art class

I enjoy pageants and after school art club

I think my talent is being kind. I love leaving the mail lady water or now sanitizer.

I have received honor roll this year and last.

I want to grow up and be a veterinarian for buffalo at wild winds ranch.
I also want to teach others to be kinder.

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Community Service & Involvement

I am a memeber of a art club, I love to help when i can I love my mail lady waters when hot, I gave her a sanitizer i made so she can stay safe. I like to go visit my great grandmother in a nurning home she lets me read to her.

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Talents & Skills

My passion is buffalo i want to care for them when i finish school as a veterinarian.

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I just try to always make good choices at school and hope my friends follow in.

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I attend Trinity Lutheran school . I have all outstandings on my grade card

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Essay #1

I think alot of people would follow what I do if I have a title and be kind to people. I also want to have fun with it.

Essay #2

Mrs printy. My principal from last year I miss her she lives out of town. I was scared last year in the morning shes would always come get me and make me feel better. I love her. We would play math and word games in her office like we use to.

Easy #3

The buckeyes football team. Go buckeyes