Alexxandra Randolph
1971 E Los Alamos Street
Gilbert, AZ 85295
kathleenbenner27@gmail.com (mom’s email)
480-213-0643 (mom’s cell)

A friendly, fun, and silly 6th grader looking to brighten my future through education and someday become a Prosthetic Engineer. I want to help people reach goals they were told they could only dream about doing. Oh and did I mention I love Scooby-Doo 🙂

• Science (Favorite Subject)
• 6 year Girl Scout
• Love to draw and create videos
• Die Hard Hockey Fan and Player
• Archer
• Volleyball Player
• Cheerleader (School team and Pop Warner Team)
• Acting and Theatre Skills


Kyrene Aprende Middle School Tempe, Arizona
2019- Current General Studies

Awards- 6th grade Leadership and Responsibility Recognition
All four quarters Merit Honor Roll (Four Advanced Classes)

Kyrene Del Cielo Elementary School Tempe, Arizona
2012-2019-K-5th General Studies

Awards- K-5th Jr. Achievement Leadership Award
Honor Role with GATE advancement to Middle School
(Gifted and Talented Eduction)
Tommy Award from peers in Acting Class

WORK EXPERIENCE-(Acting and Modeling)
Represented by Deborah Maddox Agency Scottsdale, Arizona
2015- Current

Commercial/Television- Main Actor in an SRP Water Safety Commercial (2019)
Main Actor in a Blue Cross Blue Shield Commercial (2018)
Print Ads- Main Actor for a magazine shoot for Patagonia Outdoor apparel (2015)

ARIS Foundation
Feed My Starving Children
Human Society
Dress a Girl Around the World
St. Vincent DePaul Kitchen

City league hockey team- defense (co-ed)
Actor and Model with Deborah Maddox Agency
Pop Warner Cheerleader- Received 1st Team All American Scholar Award
Pageant Programs- NAM 3rd Runner Up 2019/ RIM Spirit and Sportsmanship Award
Archer- have taken Archery lessons for three years
Girl Scout since Kindergarten
Play Volleyball for my city league team (4 years)

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Community Service & Involvement

Thanks for taking a look!
I have always enjoyed volunteering and it’s something my mom and I like to share together. In my city we have an organization that allows volunteers to help pack food supplies for poor communities over seas called Feed My Starving Children. We have volunteered here many times over the years and love being a part of the fun and the good feelings of helping people in need. Sewing has never been something I knew about or even thought about until I spent some time with an organization called, “Dress a Girl Around the World”. The first time I volunteered I didn’t know how to sew so I helped cut out the dress patterns and then passed them along to the next person to sew together. This year in 6th grade I took Family Consumer Sciences as an elective and we learned how to sew and cook. The exciting part is the next time I volunteered I could be a part of sewing and creating dresses to ship over seas to communities in Africa! I love this charity and look forward to going every time they have an event. Have you ever read a book to your pets? Me either, but the Humane Society here in Arizona lets kids my age go and read to the animals in the shelters. It’s really fun and gives me an excuse to go play with the dogs and cats since my parents will not let me get anymore. I have two cats, a dog, and three gold fish. Sometimes the lady in charge even lets me play with a few of the animals outside their cages. It’s really hard not to bring them all home, I wish I could.
The organization that I really love going to out of all of them is the ARIS Foundation. The lady that runs it is named Katherine and she is so nice. They help young teens and adults who are homeless due to addiction, with getting back on their feet and giving them a chance to educate themselves. My mom and I started helping out in 2018 and now we go every Tuesday and the last Wednesday of every month. We meet at a local park with other volunteers and serve dinner, offer clothing, hygiene products, baby and child supplies, books, dog food, and anything they may need while dealing with homelessness. I have gotten really attached to some of our homeless teens, they are so nice to me and really thankful. I can honestly say it was scary the first time I went since I didn’t understand what addiction was, now I realize how much bad decisions can change your life. I will never forget I went around the park asking if anyone needed toothpaste and had a lot of them tell me no thanks because they didn’t have teeth. How could someone so young not have teeth? I have learned things over the past year and a half about how drugs really destroy lives and I want to help these people see we all care and they can change their futures. I am too young right now to be a Wish Granter for Make- A-Wish, but when I get older I really want to do this. My mom has been a wish granter for two years and sometimes I get to help out when they allow the younger kids. It is really fun getting to help my mom plan parties, make fun gifts and decorations, and even surprise some of the kids waiting for their wishes to come true. This Easter we went shopping to put together and Easter basket for her wish kid who is going to go to Japan in the fall and we surprised him and left it on his doorstep. He was so surprised and now we get to start planning his surprise party for his trip in September since he doesn’t know he is going yet.

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Talents & Skills

My family always says they like to describe me as a fearless tomboy who would ride a four wheeler in a dress. I think this is true because I have a lot of things I really enjoy and feel I have loved since I was little from anything outdoors to dress up. Archery is probably the most unique talent and skill about me. It’s something I do here in my city and also fun to practice when I go camping with my family. My instructor Christina is a National Champion in recurve bow shooting and one of only a few girls to hold that title, it would be so neat to follow in her footsteps. Hockey, Rock Climbing, Volleyball and Cheer are all things I really have a passion for. Hockey is my favorite, I started playing when I was about 5 yrs old and now I am hooked. I tried out for my local Gilbert league team and was so excited when I made the cut. This was my first time trying out for a sport so I was really nervous especially since I was only one of five girls in the whole league. Playing hockey is tough but a blast and I love that our NHL team here in Arizona, the Coyotes, do so much with all of us players. I even got to meet the team, take a private tour of their locker room and the captain, Oliver Eckman Larsson, gave me an official game puck! On the super girly side of me I am on my Middle School Varsity cheer team and my local Pop Warner cheer team. It is interesting because on Pop Warner I am a captain and one of the oldest girls where my middle school team I am the youngest and get to look up to the older girls. Either way I love getting to practice gymnastics and going to competitions with my teammates. In Pop Warner we won the 1st Place Nation Title in California this fall and for Middle School we won second place at our conference. Can’t wait to see how next year goes. Volleyball I started when I was younger and have made so many friends from all over Arizona. It’s a recreational team so it is a mix of girls and boys from all different cities here. In 7th grade I will have a chance to try out for the school team so fingers crossed I make it. Playing volleyball in college would be a lot of fun so I hope I get to continue.
Is not having a fear of heights a skill or talent? If so then I can add that too. When we took a family vacation to Canada we went to Niagara Falls and I begged my mom to zip line with me over it. She agreed and we spent 45 seconds zipping over the falls 220 feet in the air, so fun! This probably comes from my love for Rock climbing too. My aunt likes to take me when she is in town from California and we scare my mom because we climb without ropes. It’s safe but it still makes my parents really nervous. Baking is something that I have done with my mom for such a long time. At first I was not really any good but now that I am older I can help more and have grown to love it. It’s tradition in our house to make Christmas sugar cookies every year and I think that is where my interest started. I bake any chance I can get and even took a Home Economics class this year in school so I have learned so much. It sounds weird but baking actually helps me calm down when I am nervous about test or other things so you can imagine how many sweets are in my house. To be honest my dad is the cook so I learn a lot from watching him.
Singing and song writing is something I have wish I was better at but feel if I keep practicing and pushing I will someday make it to a stage. My Uncle is amazing at the guitar and ukulele so he has been teaching me a lot over the years. He has taught me to never give up and hard work is the only way to get better. Sign Language is something new I am learning and have found a cool way to put it to singing. I have been practicing the song Brave by Sara Bareilles to perform on stage as a talent by singing it in sign language. I am really nervous since I just started learning sign language but so excited too. Who knows maybe someday I will be a singer and song writer. Below are some of my fun video’s I even have one with my new sign language sing along. I am teaching myself from the internet so still need some work.
Sign Language practice video:https://youtu.be/9afC9spzZKo

2 yrs old singing video:https://youtu.be/WZlhNoTs3Uk

Archery: https://youtu.be/JBmOSfmEJgU

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Leadership is a really important job and I didn’t realize how important until I became a Jr. Coach in 5th grade. The, Jr. Coach Leadership Program, was a program in my last years 5th grade class where you were nominated by your teacher to represent Leadership and Kindness in our school. In this program one student from each 5th grade class was chosen by their teacher and trained on how to work and be a role model to younger students. Every Monday and Wednesday we had to attend training meetings before school to learn new ways to help stop bullying and be positive supporters to the younger students. I did have a lot of fun and it showed me how much the littler kids looked up to us older students. Fridays we were asked to go down to the Kindergarten classrooms and be reading buddies to help the little kids gain confidence. At the end of the year one of my reading buddies, Christiauna, gave me a framed photo and her mom told me how much I helped Christiauna love reading and I was a good friend to her. We are taught to help the younger kids that seemed to be left out get involved more and make sure our behavior was something they could look up to. I will always remember Christiauna and hope I get to see her again when she is older, it felt really good being someone to look up to.
In my Pop Warner cheerleading group I was chosen to be the team captain along with another girl name Adalea. That was a lot tougher than being a Jr. Coach leader. When you have to lead a really big group, my team had 26 girls, it is really hard. Again I was one of the older girls so it was easier to get your teammates to listen but it was much harder than I thought it would be. Adalea was a great partner and she had strengths I didn’t have so working together to make our team strong was fun. Our coaches helped a lot and gave us pointers on how to keep the team listening and keep them positive. Having sessions where we would compliment each other on good things we were doing was one of my favorite exercises. I can now appreciate my teachers and how hard it can be to keep a big group working together.

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I am currently attending Kyrene Middle School in Tempe, AZ and I love it. It is my first year in middle school (6th grade) and I have made so many new friends. This year has been exciting, I got into Theatre, made the Varsity cheer team and even learned how to cook. The students were able to pick elective courses this year so I chose Consumer Sciences and applied for AVID which is a college prep course. AVID is a program you have to apply to get into and they choose students based on the grades from the year before. I was excited when I got accepted in and this year my AVID teacher has even recommended me to the next years teacher as an advanced AVID student. I am taking four advanced classes out of six and have made Merit Honor Role each quarter this year. In our Middle School there is a positive behavior referral given out when teachers feel a student is going above and beyond in class and my teacher awarded this to me. She wrote a really nice note to my principal and told her how well I was doing in my first year. The principal then wrote an email to my parents to let them know and it made my day. That night I got to pick a place to go out to eat and after we got Dairy Queen.
Outside of school I was really excited to have been awarded the 1st Team All American Scholar award through the Pop Warner Organization just this month. This award is only given to 35 students nationwide who get really good grades while being involved with sports. All students who qualified were judged on report cards and an essay we had to write about how we would stop bullying and what we would do if we saw it happening. Unfortunately the banquet has been canceled this year due to the corona virus so I am not able to accept the award but it is still so exciting.
In my local theatre group my friends in my acting class awarded me the Tommy Award, which is given to a fellow acting student by the other students for teamwork and excellence in our stage performance. Last how could I forget pageants. I just started competing in pageants in 2019 and have had so much fun. I think the sisterhood and friendships are my favorite part. Royal International Miss awarded me the Pageantry Spirit Award for sportsmanship and promoting friendship and I couldn’t have been happier. Can’t wait to see what this year brings and all the new sisters I get to have.

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Essay #1

Have you ever seen a person standing on the side of the road and you can’t help but feel bad for them? We have a lot of people here in Arizona that are homeless and it makes me really sad. Some even had dogs with them. As a National Title holder there are responsibilities, challenges, and community events that I not only enjoy helping with now but would be proud to continue. It is important to be a good person inside and out and to give back when you can. I have learned a lot in the past couple years when my mom and I volunteer and it reminds me how much a little caring can go in each persons world. It would be so much fun to represent the National Title in all the things that I do now and would be asked to do in the future if crowned. I might be the only kid to say this but I love sisters, well sister Queens! My little sister can drive me crazy, but sister queens are the best. Getting to have sister queens older and younger to share the experience with is another reason I would love to be crowned.

Essay #2

It is really hard to pick just one, but when I thought about a Woman in History I could spend a whole day with Belle from Beauty and the Beast was the first one that came to my mind. She loves adventure, her family, and most of all she is kind. Belle would be someone I would love to be best friends with. If we could do anything for a day I would ask her if we could go exploring on horses all day, come back to her castle and play dress up. It might sound like something a little girl younger than me would want to do, but I have always wanted to dance in the big ballroom in a fancy dress like Belle. I bet she would have the most amazing dresses and I have never been in a castle before. Could you imagine how much fun it would be to run around a castle exploring or even get to play hide and seek? Belle seems to love everyone, even people who were mean to her, and I think she would be such a fun friend to have. It would be the best day ever to be able to spend it with Belle just being us girls.

Easy #3

My whole State is the best part, so it’s hard to pick one. The Sunshine is my favorite, it is sunny 85 percent of the time here and we can swim almost year round. It does get really hot in the summer but who else gets to have Christmas dinner on their back porch? I know my Grandma and Grandpa in New York can’t. For Halloween we can dress up as anything we want because it’s not cold here, Fall for us is still really warm. To a lot of people really hot weather might be hard but not to me. I love to swim, ride bikes, and do anything outdoors so it works great. Plus if we want to see the snow in the winter we can just drive up north to Flagstaff and it is snow covered with a ski resort. I don’t ski but I bet I would be good if I tried since I love to ice skate. We have gone up a few times to go sledding and it is so much fun. Arizona is the Sunshine state and I think that makes people happier I know it does for me.