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Community Service & Involvement

In summers past, I have volunteered at my local horse stables to help with their summer camp. I teach young children how to ride and care for their horses. I have also volunteered at my high school during an event we do annually called Shop with a Longhorn. It occurs at Christmas and is when we take several families who do not have the money to buy their children Christmas gifts to the store and let them pick out whatever toys they want. It is a very humble and heartwarming experience. Every year at Christmas, me and my family also donate money to the salvation army, St. Judes, and many other organizations designed to help others in need.

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Talents & Skills

My number one passion is horseback riding. I have been riding for ten years and I absolutely love it! I also swam for my high school swim team and made it to county and statewide meets. In addition, I love writing. It is an amazing outlet for me to express my feelings and I love writing short stories. I think it is so amazing how writing can transport you to a whole other world full of adventures and characters, right from the comfort of your own home.

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I got to be a captain on my summer league swim team and help coach the younger children and I also got to be captain on my stables competitive riding team.

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I attended Kell high school in Marietta, Georgia and graduated in May 2018. I now attend Georgia Highlands college in Cartersville, Georgia. I am currently in their honors program there. I am a nursing major. I would like to someday get a job in pediatric medicine.

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Essay #1

I would like to be crowned the next national queen for three reasons: first to build confidence in myself, secondly to help my community, and last to help spread awareness about depression in young adults. Lately I’ve been struggling greatly with depression and anxiety. I’ve had it my entire life, but it has since gotten progressively worse. Due to this, I suffer from very low confidence and self-esteem. By winning the national queen title, I feel like I can prove to myself that I am worth it. This competition gives me something positive to look forward to, which I was trying so hard to find. Even if I do not win, I am still a state queen and am so proud of myself. I’ve been through many hardships and I’ve learned that things do get better. It just takes time. I want to be able to share this message with others who may be struggling. I would like to help raise awareness for depression and anxiety in teens and young adults. It is such an important subject and yet is one that I believe does not get enough attention. I want to use my platform to give people like me hope. I want them to see all that I have been able to accomplish despite my struggles so they can see that they can be successful too and can do anything that they truly set their minds too. I want to show the world that anything is possible and inspire others. Lastly, I would like to use my title to help make a difference in my community. I would like to do things such as donating food to a food pantry, collecting clothes and supplies for the homeless, and helping animal shelters and I can use my title to help show the community how to get involved and help others. I want to be a role model for my community, and I believe that having a platform such as being national queen can better help me accomplish this. Thank you.

Essay #2

If I could spend the day with anyone, it would have to be my grandmother. She was so full of light and love. She taught me many valuable life lessons such as how to love unconditionally and to never take a single breath for granted. Even in her last days, she was so brave and positive. She is who I aspire to become every day. My grandmother and me were very close and I love her so much. I remember at her funeral how the priest had asked me what my favorite memory with her was. I replied that every single moment that I spent with her was my favorite. It didn’t matter what we did, we always had fun as long as we were together. Even if we weren’t doing anything, we could sit in a room for hours and just talk about life. She was such a wonderful lady. She taught me how to be the very best me I should be. She showed me how precious life is. Her last few weeks were hard for the entire family. It was the first death I had experienced, and I was 12, young, and terrified. I remember as she was laying in her hospital bed how she would hold out her hand and I would gladly take it and we would sit like this for hours upon hours. I remember feeling how lucky I was to have her in my life and how hard it was going to be to say goodbye. I would cry myself to sleep every night thereafter and hold out my hand just to see if I could feel her embrace one last time. She’s taught me so much and showed me so much love. If I were able to see her today, I would sit and hold her hand, for old times’ sake. I would tell her just how much she is missed and loved. But most importantly, I would thank her for the undeniable love she showed to us. She was truly a remarkable, strong, and kind woman that will never be forgotten.

Easy #3

The best thing about Georgia would have to be southern hospitality, the food (of course!), the tourist attractions, the terrain and the sports. First, everyone who lives here is so nice and down to earth and genuinely cares about one another (maybe even enough to invite you to dinner!) I love how everyone is so sweet and open with each other. It’s like everyone down in the south is just one big family. It is such a special connection that everyone has. Secondly, who doesn’t love some home cooked food? When it comes to food, Georgia does it right. From to mac and cheese, to home style potatoes, to sweet iced tea. The south has some of the best food in the country. Georgia also has a lot of restaurants. These are great places for northerners to come to experience the southern flavor! Next are the tourist attractions. Georgia has so many places and things to explore and see. Some examples are the Georgia aquarium, the Atlanta zoo, the World of Coke, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Centennial Olympic park, Stone Mountain park, and so much more. There is never any shortage of activities to do from family activities to adult activities to activities just for kids. There is something for everybody. Next is the terrain. I find it so cool that you can find basically every terrain in Georgia. From mountains, to beaches, to lakes, to the country, and to the city, Georgia contains every aspect of life. Every place that you would want to visit we have right here in the peach state! Lastly are the sports. Georgia has a team for almost every sport imaginable. We are home to the legendary Atlanta Falcons, the Georgia Bulldogs, the Atlanta Hawks, the Atlanta Braves, and so much more. We truly have a sports team here for everybody to enjoy. In conclusion, from hospitality, to food, to sports and everything in between, the peach state does it right!