My Education

A Crenshaw Christian Academy (Graduated in 2017)
B New York Institution of Art and Design. I am currently enrolled to the event planner course.

My Work

A Continental Cinemas
B Dollar General

My Hobbies

A Dance
B Softball
C Pageant
D Playing with my pets

My favorite quote is “Don’t be a bottle of soda, be a bottle of water!” It reminds me to not let things bother me as much as I should.

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Community Service & Involvement

Community involvement I started getting involved with my community at the age of 10. At the age of ten I helped teach a Vacation Bible School art class at my Church. I did the art class every summer until i was 16. I have donated many toys, clothes, and food to our local shelters. When i turn 14 I helped with the pee-wee cheer squad at the school in my hometown. I was the 2018 Miss Pike County Relay for Life queen, with this title I got together a toy drive at Christmas for the patients at Children’s Hospital. As that same queen I handed out Valentines at the nursing home. We also raised over $16,000 for the cancer research! I still help as much as I can at Relay for Life events, the shelters, and at my church!

My platform is “helping find a way to help with Lupus”. Not many people are aware of what lupus is. Lupus is an autoimmune disease. It effects your joints, your skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart, and lungs. I have lupus so i understand the everyday struggles of this disease. However my kidneys, brain, and skin is not affected yet! My heart will beater faster than normal when i am sitting completely still. My joints hurt almost constantly, but I have grown to be use to it by now! As for my lungs i just suck at breathing! Just simply walking from my room to my kitchen i have a full on “asthma attack”. These are just some things people like myself deal with lupus. However the main issue with having lupus is just a simple cold can hospitalize us. I almost did not get to pass my eighth grade year of high school but i constantly was sick. Lupus can make you get the same sickness over and over again. I keep strep throat, ear infection, and bad “allergies”. I just hope I can raise money or even awareness of this disease that not many people know about.

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Talents & Skills

I am not a girl with any special talents or skills. The only two things i have done in my life is play piano and dance! Dancing got me a scholarship to one of the best privates school in Alabama. After a foot and knee injury i could not fulfill the dancing i wanted to keep doing! However, piano is something i can continue to do! I started piano at the age of 7. Piano was one of the ways to help with my a.d.h.d and a.d.d. I have always loved piano and dancing since i was really young.

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For leadership I haven’t done too much. But I have helped with pee-wee cheerleading for almost 7 years now. I was also cheer captain for pee-wee from the ages of 8-12. I was captain of the dance team at my school  senior year. I even did an art class at my church for Vacation Bible School for 4 day’s every summer for the few days we had it! I was secretary of FBLA (Future  Business Leaders of America)  and SGA (Student Government Association). That is all the leadership things I have done!

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I went to Crenshaw Christian Academy. I was on dance team and the softball team. I was A & B honor roll senior year, also highest in math and science. I was in FFA (Future Farmers of American) and SGA (Student Government Association). Being a small school we only had two groups to join!

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Essay #1

The reason i would like to be crowned the next national queen is to grow as a person. Pageants have helped me so much the past few years. I used to be bullied for being the smallest one. However pageants make you realize that it really don’t matter on size, shape, or color. Pageants have brought me out my shell and made me less shy and made me think more under pressure! I hope with a few more pageants I will have even more self love and be completely out my shell. That is I want to be the next national queen.

Essay #2

If i could spend the day with any woman in history past, present, or future it would be Amelia Earhart. She was the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She “disappeared” at the age of 39. If I had a day with her I would probably spend it flying over beautiful sights such as mountains or a body of water! I would probably see if she could teach me how to fly a plane while we are at it! However the one thing I would do is find out what actually happened to her. I would also like to see how different the world is from 1937 till now, I can just imagine the big changes we have! That is who I would spend the day with day if I could!

Easy #3

The best things about my home state, well there’s a lot so let me just begin. We are the 22nd state in the nation and the 30th largest state by the area. We have had 162 films made here in Alabama such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Big Fish (I even had an aunt in this movie!), one of the Friday the Thirteenths, and of course Sweet Home Alabama (which i know EVERY line to!). Alabama is the birth and death place of Hank Williams Sr. We have the LARGEST peanut boi, which is the best peanuts you can get! However, Alabama is known for its iron and steel natural resources, Southern Hospitality, sweet tea, and football. Also one of our colleges is number one in college championships in football, roll tide! Alabama was one of the first states to recognize Christmas as a holiday and to celebrate Veterans day! Those are the best things about my state that I absolutely love!