Camille Allen


Elementary School, Sutter Peak Charter Academy 


I am a 1st-grade student who loves art and science. I am working hard every day to learn to read and am very good at math. I am currently working at a 2nd-grade math level!


Girl Scouts, Sacramento, CA


I have been a Girl Scout since 2017. I have learned important skills through cookie and fall product sales. I have learned about animals, different cultures, computers and made many friends. I will even get to go camping for the first time this summer.

  • Sales and entrepreneurship skills
  • Leadership Skills

Ballet, Sacramento, CA


Ballet is my favorite thing to do. I feel happy and peaceful when I am moving to the music. When I grow up I hope to become a professional ballerina and travel the world.

  • Confidence
  • Discipline

Baseball and Softball, Sacramento, CA


I like to play softball. I played baseball until I was old enough to join the girl’s fastpitch league. I enjoy working with my team to win and get snacks.

  • Teamwork
  • Friendship


  • Ballet
  • Sewing
  • Spinning Yarn
  • Shooting (BB Guns)
  • Photography




Helping Others



Other Cultures



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Community Service & Involvement

I am a Daisy Girl Scout and have been able to do many community service projects because of it. On my own, I donate lots of books to the “Little Free Library” in my town. This year I hope to use the money from my Girl Scout cookie sales to build my own! I have recently started to collect dance stuff to donate to the Traveling Tutus organization because of my love of dancing I want to help others have the chance to dance too. One of my favorite things to do is to help bring awareness to food allergies. I have peanut anaphylaxis and I join the Food Allergy Support of Sacramento to tell people about the Teal Pumpkin Project every Halloween.

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Talents & Skills

My biggest talent is dancing. I am a ballerina and hope to one day become a professional ballerina who gets to travel all over the world. I have auditioned and gotten roles in two different ballets. I was a cherub in The Nutcracker with the Sacramento Ballet and a gold doubloon in Mutiny! with the Vacaville Ballet Company. I am also a really good shot. I get to shoot bb guns with my dad and I can hit the target almost every time.

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Every year I get to sell Girl Scout cookies that helps me learn important leadership skills. I get to count money, talk to customers, make signs and decorate my table and wagon all by myself. This year my goal was to sell 300 boxes and I sold 324! I worked so hard to ask everyone I met and knew if they would like to buy Girl Scout cookies. I wanted to sell so many so I can buy my own “Little Free Library”.

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I am a 1st grader at Sutter Peak Charter School. It is a homeschool charter so I get to do my school at home with my brothers. My favorite things to learn about are other countries and doing art projects. I am really good at math. Even though I am in 1st grade, I do math at a 2nd-grade level! I am learning to read still. It is really hard for me but I practice every day. I take a class at a Waldorf school once a week where I get to paint, learn about herbs, go on nature hikes and play fun games outside. My friends and I built a fort in the trees with sticks and it is my favorite part about going to my class!

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Essay #1

I want to be the next National Queen to help the world. I want to help animals and people have homes and to raise money to help them have food to eat. I also want to make friends with other girls who like the same things I do and have the same goals.

Essay #2

I would spend the day with Anna Pavlova, the famous ballerina. She just kept trying to get better and better at dancing and never gave up on her dream to become a ballerina.

Easy #3

The best thing about California is the people! Everyone is a friend to each other. The weather is nice in California so you can get outside and see the lovely views. I like to spend time with the pretty flowers that smell beautiful. There are also lots of things to do here. I like to go to the fair, to the park and Disneyland. My favorite princesses are Snow White and Cinderella.