Objective: To attain the national American Coronet title for my division.

Age 25
Grade in School or Degree(s) Obtained  Third year in college (Junior)
Grade Average B
My School(s) Palomar Community College, San Marcos CA

At school, I am/was passionate about
• Native American Student Association (80% Native American)
• Sustainability Club
• Gender and Women Studies Club

Other Activities that I enjoy
• Coaching Middle School Cross Country/ Girls on the Run at my former middle school
• Hanging out with my pet chameleons Pascal and Scarlett
• Learning more about my Native American roots

Special Talents
• I love to run, ran cross country for 12 years, still running to this day just not as hardcore
• Can imitate a dog barking, peacock, pigeon, and a few other animal noises
• I know how to carry 5 plates in one trip or 4 glasses (I am a waitress)
• I professionally know how to “dance like no one is looking”

Honors and Awards
• Current title holder for Miss Bonsall 2020
• Director of first impressions 2019 (North County Celtic Queen)
• Employee of the month for best Attitude at work
• Miss Latina Achievement 2019

My Goals
• Graduate from California State University San Marcos with my Bachelors in Psychology to work with middle school kids
• Own a corner house with enough room to foster as many dogs as possible and eventually have a Doggy retirement home
• Continue to grow and learn more about myself through the American Coronet Pageant system, and of course win the national title

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Community Service & Involvement

Through the Miss Bonsall Pageant I’ve been able to volunteer with many different groups and people of many ages.
We work closely with the Vista Skate Park Coalition as well as the Bonsall Skate Park Coalition to help maintain skateparks in both cities available for kids to have a safe spot to skate in. We help with park cleanups, advocating, and helping with construction of new parks.
I Love a clean San Diego has to be one of the groups of my choice. We help with cleanups around San Diego County. It’s a fun day with a little competition to see who can collect the most trash. We do cleanups with them every month or every 2 months.
We do a few “outings” as we call them, when we are just out and about mingling with the community at festivals, parades, and fairs. We normally have minimal duties here and just say hi to the community and tell them what our pageant is all about.

I was the North County Celtic Queen in 2017, after my reign was over I was crowned with the Celtic Queen Ambassador title as well as given the opportunity to help Direct the further North County Celtic Queen Pageants. As an Ambassador and Celtic Queen Director I:
Can attend events with the current Celtic Queen Court and/or Chaperon at events as a Director (I am generally the oldest in the group).
Help with planning the Pageant by adding input to judging, helping choreograph the opening dance, and helping direct the contestants by helping them with their biographies, self intros, and interview skills.
After I am done with my Miss Bonsall reign I will be asked to help direct that pageant as well (both pageants are run by the same couple so they like to give former queens an opportunity to continue volunteering).

I am a Middle School Cross Country coach at my former middle school-2019
This is where my love for Cross Country started, back in 2006. It’s a bit surreal to think that I was once in the position of the kids I am coaching.
This was my first year as a coach and it was awesome! I met up with the kids 3-4 times a week and had runs planned out for them as well as a workout with strength training.
I had 20 kids I was in charge of from 6th grade to 8th grade. It was tough at frist but eventually I got their trust.
At the final championship I knew that my kids would give their best (and honestly wasn’t expecting them to place amongst the top 3). My 8th grade girls placed 3rd at the championship race! To my understanding, that had not been done since I was in 8th grade! That was monumental for them.

I coach for Girls on the run (at the same middle school I coach Cross Country)
Girls on the run is a program designated for girls in elementary and middle school. It helps find the best version of themselves as well as encourage them to be the best girl boss they can be.
I volunteer with 4 other coaches who are teachers at the middle school. I meet up with the girls once a week.
We do group exercises and stretches as well as run laps on the track with the girls (we train them for a 5k). We will do self growing exercises that help the girls reflect on themselves and those around them.
Due to the pandemic we have moved to online instruction and have weekly zoom meetings with them, in which we do almost everything we would with them in person. We will also be having our 5k virtually now as well.
I’ve attached pictures, I am the one in green (:

Volunteering has always been something that I am passionate about. Even before I started competing in pageants in 2013. I have always been active in my own church or at my own school (translating for parent teacher night). It’s always been something that I have loved to do. Showing up and saying “Hi I here for my volunteer shift,” or “Hi I am with the pageant group, ready to work!” From handing out flyers to digging trenches at a construction site, I feel like I have done it all. Along the way I have met some amazing people, made some lasting connections, and left compacting memories. I have people coming to me saying “hey you handed me this or you did that at this event” they remember me for what I did and not for how much money I spent or what I wore, and that to me has been impactful. With volunteering with the Miss Vista Pageant I have competed with since 2013, I have learned so much about my city and the people/stories that make it important. Volunteering has always been impactful in my life and if I can continue doing it I will not stop.

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Talents & Skills

I’ve never developed a visual talent, I was always so involved with my running that I never had time to pick up a brush or take a hip hop class. I was always an athlete.
I started running when I was in 4th grade (around 2004). I was part of my elementary school’s track team. You had to try out in order to be part of the team. I made it both years and that’s when I thought “hmmm this is fun.” I went on to middle school not thinking much about it until I saw flyers posted around school “Want to join the cross country team?” I decided to give it a go and just knew that’s what I was meant to do. The coach I had was great and she was also (and still is) the coach at the High school I attended. I did my 3 years of cross country in middle school and moved on to High school to continue it. My first year I did Field hockey instead of cross country but did track and my coach said to me “hey how come you didn’t join cross country?” and I replied to her “well I picked up a stick instead of running shoes.” That would later become a joke. I ran cross country my sophomore, junior, and senior year and track all four years. My best times would be 5:50 for the mile, 12:29 in the 2 mile, and 5:28 for the 1500m race in track. For Cross country I ran races in most of California and even had two invitational races in Las Vegas. I was scouted to run for Division 2 school in the Bay Area. I had to redshirt my freshman year and my sophomore year I ended up only running 3 races due to an injury. My career had come to an end here. I had a very bad meniscus injury and had to stop for my health. That was in 2014, I had to get physical therapy and fell into this black hole, I had really only thought I was good at running. I did 2 years worth of physical therapy and experimental running. I gave my body a break until 2018 when I started doing the 5k’s that you sign up for and run with 1,000 people. I have continued to do that and slowly I am getting back into my running lifestyle. During the time I had my injury I did pick up a paint brush and painted something. I will attach a picture.
I’ve recently picked up photography and just do it for fun, nothing serious since I only know how to turn on and turn off the camera so far.
I am getting into comedy, I practice some of my standup with a few of my tables (being a waitress is super awesome) and most of them laugh, because I am funny I hope. Ideally I would do stand up at a comedy bar of some sort and expand from there.
Like mentioned before I professionally know how to “dance like no one is watching” because I will break out in dance wherever I am at. Sometimes I just dance to shake some nerves off or to focus. I just dance and don’t check where I am at because no one is watching, or so they say…

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I use to be a JV and Varsity Captain for my Cross Country and Track teams in High School
2 years of JV captain
2 years of Varsity captain

Miss Bonsall and North County Celtic Queen/Ambassador/Director
Being the oldest means you are the go to for the girls, whether as a chaperone or as a role model.
As a queen you are also the lead for the rest of your court members.
As a director I am in charge of a small group of girls who I lead through rehearsals, mock interviews, and mock questions.

Cross Country Coach and Girls on the run coach
I am in charge of middle schoolers and they can be tough but you have to have the right balance of strict and friendly.
You are a serving mentor for the kids, you must be careful with what you say and how you say it.
My cross country group had 20 kids and the girls on the run has 10 girls.

At work I am a designated trainer
I am certified to train incoming host, takeout, and food runners.
The new hires will come to me or any other certified trainers if they have any questions or problems, most of the time we can answer the questions they have.
We will have trainer meetings in which we can input new training tips or how the restaurant can help us better train new hires.

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I am currently attending Palomar Community College in San Marcos, California. I was previously attending Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, California. When I tried to transfer out of NDNU a good portion of my credits would not transfer over (some weird private and public school unit transfer). So I am currently at Palomar finishing up some of those units so that I can successfully transfer to California State University San Marcos, where I will obtain my B.S. in Psychology.

During my time at NDNU I was actively part of the Spirituality Team, Latinos Unidos, and Sustainability club. As well as a student athlete. The spirituality team was in charge of running masses at school and providing spiritual events and spaces for students. It was a catholic school and spirituality is a huge part of what makes me. Latinos Unidos club celebrated students of latin descent, they helped create events that celebrated our culture as well as taught others about our culture. The sustainability club was used as a tool to teach students about being environmentally conscious. We planted a lot of herbs, veggies, and fruits around campus and helped maintain them. We tried to get the school to start using a compost bin as well as a very specific recycling bin. I also remember being part of the orientation team while at NDNU, we helped incoming freshmen move into their dorms and get situated with school.

Currently at my time at Palomar I am part of the Sustainability club, Native American Student Association, and Gender and Women’s studies Club. I was ecstatic to learn that Palomar had a sustainability club that I could join and continue to learn how to be more aware of mother earth. I recently did a DNA test that shows that I am 80% Native American, since then I have been eager to learn about my Native American roots. I joined the Native American Student Association hoping that I could get guidance to finding who my family was/is. The Gender and Women’s Studies club was a new one for me, but now as I am getting older I am learning the value of myself as a woman and I wanted to enrich those thoughts with other people who felt the same, it is a very welcoming environment.

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Essay #1

When I entered my first pageant I honestly believed that I had it, I was always told that I was this outgoing girl and that I had no trouble making friends. Well I didn’t place my first year, or my second year, and it wasn’t until my third year that I placed 3rd runner up and obtained a princess title. I had reflected back on the previous years and wondered what I did. I didn’t do anything wrong, I was just not expressing my personal best. As I continued to compete I learned more and more about myself, I walk with a bit of hip, I talk with my hands, and I clench my fists when I am nervous. Competing in pageants has allowed me to continue learning about myself. Winning the National title would not only be an honor but a new challenge, I have never won a National title, but after the years and years or practicing and continuing building of myself, I know I am ready for a National title. I would use my title to encourage girls to pursue their best selves. I will put my best foot forward to represent the American Coronet organization and to show the 2013 version of myself proof that I have made it.

Essay #2

I would love to have a lunch date with Rosa Parks. We would just have a simple lunch, nothing too fancy. I’d like to ask her of her struggles and how she built the courage to defy such unfair rules. Standing up for what you believe or defending something you believe is being wrongfully accused nowadays is hard, so many people are quick to attack you. I would like to ask Rosa Parks how to do it and how to deal with the criticism. I would also ask her if she has any advice to the youth, especially the woman of today. She has made a positive impact in my life and has taught me to show the best version of myself.

Easy #3

Eureka! (I have found it) You have found the “Golden State.” California is best known for its favorable weather, but what I love about California is the diversity. Not only the diversity of weather and scenery, you can live in San Diego and have the sun and the beautiful beaches, Big Bear for the cold and the snow, or the dry deserts of Anza Borrego. You can travel up the 840 miles of pacific coastline through the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). We are also a mini melting pot. Being so close to the Mexico border brings in people. We have a wide range of people, languages, traditions, arts and music no matter where in california you are. Along with the diversity of people, we have an amazing food scene with dishes around the world. I am so beyond fortunate to live in a state where diversity is accepted and celebrated. That’s why the “Golden State” is the best two words to have on your license plate.