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Community Service & Involvement

As a matured teen and a young adult I’m glad to say I’ve been in a few organizations. I’m in the Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy where we are taught to become leaders through community events and service. For example, we have packaged and sent food and care packages to our troops across seas along with helping out with community events like festivals and spending time at the nursing homes especially during the holidays. I’m also a Sand cloud Ambassador. We meet every month to do beach cleanups at various beaches to protect our sea life. In the NJROTC we go through minor military training and learn about our military branches while helping our community from doing security at games and events to marching in parades and doing cleanups for the Adopt a Mile and Highway programs. I love to volunteer whenever I have free time in between work and school. i do mainly focus on organizations that help with our troops and our wildlife like Wands for Wildlife wear we reuse old mascara wands that have been cleaned to get larva and oil out of wild animals without hurting them. Volunteer work is definitely a huge passion for me because I love to fulfill my time helping our environment and communities.

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Talents & Skills

I have many skills and talents. I am an Athlete and I play midfielder in Lacrosse. I am a musician since I play violin, guitar, and i can sing. Another talent I have is I can be considered an artist since I enjoy drawing and a lot of people believe I do a great job at it. I’m a photographer. That’s my most enjoyed one I will say and i have a Instagram page called Gracefully Grace Photography.

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There have been a few times where I had to lead various sized groups. While being a Sand Cloud Ambassador we do multiple beach cleanups. We usually have a lot of people show up we split up in groups and have captains or leaders. i am usually a leader because of my experience and people respect me. In Lacrosse when the games start I am usually a team captain and i go and meet the other teams’ captains and coaches.

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I usually go in between Florida and Georgia because of family but i have officially moved to Florida the past couple weeks. I just got re enrolled at Countryside High School but before I attended Carlton J. Kell High School. I play Lacrosse which is very important to me. I was also inducted into the National German Honor Society a year and a half ago while learning to speak fluent German. I was an academy scholar in the Chick-Fil-A Leader academy. Also Lettering in Orchestra was a big thing for me. All of these were important to me.

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Essay #1

There are many reasons why I’d be honored to be crowned with the next National Title but first let me start off to why I entered in the first place. As referring to the movie Miss Congeniality, many people believe pageants are very outdated also anti-feminist and that is true. Believe it or not I use to be one of those people. I thought pageants were to just show off and didn’t really have a point. But one day my views completely changed. My Mom had been entering my little sister into pageants here and there, but I thought it was absolutely absurd. Between me and my sister I was the athletic tom boy and she was the girly girl. Then one day came where my mom had told me she had taken some of my photos from my Senior shoot and entered me into the Photogenic Miss Online Pageant. A few weeks passed and I had learned I won a title. For a bit I was shocked and confused and then I started to feel good about myself. It gave me a huge boost of the self-confidence. As I built up my self-confidence and titles, I became friends with so many amazing people. People I’d do anything for. Having relationship with my follow Queens allowed us to be involved more in our communities by being able to achieve more together. After all of that I found the Miss American Coronet. It would be an amazing honor to be able to be crowned with the next National Title. I would want to be the next titleholder so I can raise awareness about many platforms and issues happening around the world. I would want to be a role model to not only girls my age but girls younger and women older than I am. I will carry the crown with utmost dignity. I want to earn the crown not just wear it. Lastly, I will fulfill the moto of the pageant just as successfully if not more than the past title holders.

Essay #2

If I could Spend the day with any woman in history past, present, or future it would be Princess Diana of Wales. The most photographed woman in the world. She was beautiful and beyond elegant. I was so beyond inspired by her love for trying to help third world countries and bring aid to people who really needed it. She used her statue to bring awareness to the bad things happening around the world. She sat on the bedsides of sick people and showed real love. She was the people’s princess not just the Princess of Wales. I believe when they call her “The People’s Princess” that means she is the world’s princess and that really takes true of what she was trying to do, what she felt like she needed to do. She had also became known for her involvement and charitable work with a multitude of AIDS patients and for her campaign for the removal of landmines in Angola with the HALO Trust where she, herself, walked through landmines and met children who survived some of the landmines. To her it was about earning the crown, not just wearing it. I’d want to participate in and visit any charity that was important to her and work with her because all those charities she participated with made an extraordinary change. Being able to work alongside someone like Princess Diana and her many Charities would be an amazing honor for me. Anything to help change the world is something I’m very passionate about and is very inspirational and important to me. To me she was beautiful and graceful but the most important part of her was to bring awareness to the dire distress in extreme need of these third world countries. Because all she has done and accomplished, she was a pillar of grace, beauty, and humanity. I want my life to be something of elegance and grace but most importantly the life of importance. A life of bringing awareness. And a life of helping my fellow man because by the end of the day that is what is important.

Easy #3

There are so many choices to pick from when it comes to what I think is the best thing about my home state, Florida. If I had to choose from all the amazing choices it would have to be The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. I chose the Walt Disney World Resort because its truly magical and the happiest place on Earth. From children to adults and seniors, everyone enjoys this attraction. It is an impeccable experience. Who would not want to go to this park? In whole The Walt Disney Land Resort is comprised of large resorts, dining, shops, and 4 major theme parks with rides and shows. The 4 theme parks consist of Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The size of the entire Disney World Resort is 40 square miles which is the size of San Francisco. Disney also employs almost 70,000 people. The most iconic structure is the Happily Ever After Castle located in the Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The castle is known as the Cinderella Castle. There is even a hotel suite in the castle that can sleep up to 6 and has flat-screened TVs that are disguised as magic mirrors. It has so much to offer and overall if you go it is just an absolute amazing experience. Fun for all ages. Opened in 1971, Walt Disney World is the the biggest attraction in the country. Each park is absolutely breathtaking. The staff is wonderful, the people are friendly, the food is amazing, and the rides are awesome. All the Disney favorites you grew up with as a kid within real life and rides that spark the wonder and imagination. The closing show was the most amazing part in my opinion. Over the castle you see Tinkerbell fly across the park and so many fireworks and magic becomes real in front of your eyes. On March 15th of 2020, Walt Disney World was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was originally scheduled to last through March but is now extended until further notice.