My Education

A. Eastport Elementary School 2006-2013 (K-6th grade)
B. Easport South Manor Jr/Sr High School 2013-2019
C. University of Tampa 2019 to present

Elementary School Honors:
Principal’s Honor Roll
Perfect NYSMA (New York State Music Association ) score on Flute

Jr High School Honors:
Suffolk County Music Association Band
Hamptons Music Association Band
Honor Roll and High Honor Roll

High School Honors
Advanced Placement History
Advanced Placement Physics
Honor Roll
3.7 GPA
Advanced Regents Diploma

University of Tampa
Freshman Year- Spartan Scholarship Winner
Dance Department Scholarship Winner
3.71 GPA
National Society of Collegiate Scholars Member
Relay for Life participant
Member of the Spanish Dance Team

Extra Curricular Activities- Dance

My Work
Dance Centre of the Hamptons Tap Teacher 2018 to Present
Dance Centre of the Hamptons Assistant Teacher 2011 to Present
Model 2019 to Present

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Community Service & Involvement

My Passion is Dance.  Dance has gotten me through so very much in my life that I have come to understand how important it is to have an outlet and a place where you feel safe expressing your emotions and feelings. An activity that you can do that allows you to escape the every day world and enter into a place where everything is good.  Dance was that for me.  The big issue in my life was my mother’s diagnosis of breast cancer when I was in nursery school. It was qite frightening for me, to think of losing my mom when I was that young. I look back on that time often, and feel very lucky and blessed, that my mom is 100% cured now. So dance helped me deal with that. My mom made very sure, no matter if she was able to or not, no matter if she was in the hospital or home, that I made it to all my dance classes. She knew that was where I could find solace and be reassured that everything would indeed be fine.

I try to help others find their passion.. help them to find their happy place.  I was fortunate to be able to donate my time to volunteer to assist in different dance classes with younger kids so they too, could learn the joy of movement. Through the use of my talents, I have been able to bring dance to the community, representing various studios and companies I have danced with through performances.  I have volunteered my time along with my fellow dancers in the #Taplife Company under the artistic direction of Anthony Lo Cascio at various fundraisers, including The Ronald McDonald House in New Hyde Park, a performance in Queens for Autism Speaks as well as different performances through the Queens County Dance Festival to showcase and bring awareness to local choreographers and studios in the Queens, NY area.  While it may not seem important, being able to see a full stage ballet can transport you to a different world, where perhaps you ARE the Sugar Plum Fairy, despite what the real world says. Watching a group of enthusiastic tap dancers all dancing together, can bring a joy and uplift the spirits better than any medicine.. And to be able to take part in it, can life saving.

I have include a video of a performance I did at the Ronald McDonald House in New Hyde Park, NY.. it’s called World as I see It. I am the dancer in the denim jacket on the far end towards the back.. the dance was choreographed by Anthony Lo Cascio.. I love the music, the lyrics are wonderful
“It’s not hard for me to love you, you are the World as I see it, for you are the World to me”

I have also collected gently used and new dance wear and dance shoes to donate to urban and rural areas that can’t afford to purchase their own.  For a year, I was a Traveling TutTu Ambassador, which collects these items as well and sends them to areas in need all over the world.  Just recently I was named as a 2020 College Ambassador to the program Ballet In the City. However, the one performance that I am most proud of, is my tap solo for the Dancers Against Cancer fundraiser. I did that in honor of my mom.

On a local area, I have participated in numerous festivals in the community, as well as holiday parades and tree lightings,  Highlights of those include a fundraiser for the Greg Warren Scholarship program, The Westhampton Fall Festival, The Manorville Tree Lighting, the Westhampton Winter Festival and the Center Moriches Holiday Light Parade.   Through my local dance studio, Dance Centre of the Hamptons and Manorville, we have hosted food drives and have combined with Bide a Wee animal shelter to help raise funds and awareness for shelter animals.

In the future I hope to put my talents to use in combination with study of the human body and how it performs to help dancers and other elite athletes overcome and prevent injuries.  I am a double major, Dance and Human Performance with a look to the future of making this dream come true.

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Talents & Skills

My talent and skills are best shown.. I am a dancer.  It’s difficult to separate myself from dance, I have been dancing since I was 2 years old. I love being on stage, I love performing. When I hear music, my feet automatically start to move in time to the music, creating a dance even though I may be sitting down in the classroom. I dance through the aisles of the supermarket. I get through life by dancing..

I will upload links to my solos from this past year, 2019, my last year with my dance studio before heading off to college.

Make My Day, choreographed by Staci Lo Cascio , Tap Solo

I Will Always Love You, choreographed by Brittany McDonald Klinger, Contemporary Solo

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The activities I do are not ones that have the traditional leadership positions. We don’t have captains or co- captains in dance.. We do however, have teachers, mentors and role models. I have been fortunate to be a tap teacher for 2 years now, as well as being nominated as a Class Assistant at a workshop for tap. Plus I have also been an audition assistant for my tap company as well as an ambassador for #TaplifeToo. My responsibilities as an ambassador included introducing the new members to the group, being on hand to assist and demonstrate in class and rehearsals and to be a public contact for the company.

As a Senior Company member, I have been responsible for warming up dancers, running their choreography, providing feedback on their dances, putting them on the stage and getting them off. I have been responsible for soloists as well as group dances when the choreographer was busy with another dance.. I have been doing this for 5 years now..

This year, I have also been nominated as a 2020 Ballet in the City ambassador, being able to represent both my home city in New York and my adopted city of Tampa as I am a student at the University of Tampa.

In addition to that, I have also been first chair in my school band where I was in charge of the flute section.

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I am currently a freshman at the University of Tampa, in Tampa Florida.. I am a double major, Dance and Human Performance. My first semester at college, I received a 3.71 GPA as well as inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, an honor society specifically for college Freshmen and Sophomores who receive a GPA of 3.0 or higher. I am a member of the Spanish Dance team where we perform during the Men’s Lacrosse games as well as local performance throughout Tampa. Our big performances come during the Relay for Life, where we are a team involved with all the fundraising as well as performing.

I graduated high school in June of 2019 and was on the honor roll throughout my tenure at the school high school.. I marched with the marching band as well as participated on the dance team my freshman and sophomore year.. I was active in the concert band as well and a member of the video class which produced the daily school news show. I not only had roles on camera, I also worked behind the scenes.

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Essay #1

Being crowned a National Queen would be a wonderful ending to my teen years. Plus it would also give me more weight and a more official presence when it comes to being able to bring attention to project and causes that I feel are important. Right now, due to Covid-19, dance studios across the entire world are faced with difficult decisions on how to stay open, relative and active during this time period. Being a Queen, in addition to a dancer would help me be able to spotlight the importance of dance in everyone’s lives, especially kids who are constantly looking to belong, for support and for validation. Young girls especially need role models to look up to, I would like to think that I could be a role model to a young dancer, looking to share her talents with the world and use them to better her community.

Essay #2

I think that if I could spend a day with any woman in history, I would like to spend time with my Great Grandmother. My mom and my grandmother tell me stories about her and I would love to sit and talk to her. I want to learn about her life, her experiences and learn more about the women who came before me. I think that my family stories and history are key to making me who I am. My Great Grandmother lived through 2 World Wars, the Great Depression. Saw the first moon landing, and was present for so much history as well. It would be fascinating to hear her stories and to hear what she would think of what is going on today. She lived through the Spanish Flu epidemic, it would be quite interesting to hear how her experiences compare to what we are going through right now with the Covid 19 issues. Family is very important to me, knowing my roots , where I come from and the stories of the strong women who came before me are part of my story as well. They have all had a hand in shaping me, making me the strong woman I am today.

Easy #3

The best thing about my home state of New York is the diversity that makes up the state. From the population, that is the true melting pot of the world, to the landscape of the different areas. New York is the definition of diversity. We have people from all over the world that call this great state home. They bring with them their customs and stories, and blend them in with what is already here. It creates a delicious experience that entices all of the 5 senses.. From the colors of their artwork, to the scent of their spices.. To the tastes of their native foods, to the sound of their music. And from their firm handshakes of greeting, and rich feel of their different fabric, New York is made up of many different nationalities all coming together to make a unique New York culture. Plus we have the diversity of sports. Basketball, football, baseball, hockey all have major league teams that call New York home. Plus gold and tennis tournaments that draw participants from around the world. We have equestrian shows and competitions and polo matches. All of these sports plus many more, have a home and a following here in New York.

New York also has a very diverse landscape. Mountains, oceans, lakes and rivers. Open countryside, big bustling cities. Quiet, sleepy main streets and small villages. Any type of living you want, from camping to museums, you can have it in New York. We have concerts put on by big name stars from every genre of music. We have operas and ballets. We have musicals and plays. Festivals of every kind, in every season can be found in New York. New York provides a rich and diverse banquet for the rest of the world to come experience. I get to call it home and I am very proud to be a New Yorker.