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Community Service & Involvement

  I love volunteering because it’s a great feeling to be able to support the causes I care about and to make a difference in someone else’s life, even if it’s just temporary.  

  I believe it’s important to include my children in my community service activities as much as possible because I want them to grow up with the giving and caring nature that I have. I know they feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment each time we volunteer. I hope that is something they will pass down to their kids. 

I have volunteered more then 1600 hours in my lifetime!!

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Talents & Skills

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  • I graduated from Gilbert High School in 1996.
  • I graduated and obtained my Nursing Assistant Certification from the AZ State Board of Nursing in 1997.
  • 2002 & 2003 attended Gateway Community College. All A’s for grades.
  • 2003 Completed Patient Care Technician Course at Gateway Community College
  • In 2011 I switched career goals and started focusing on legal studies.
  • I got my diploma in legal studies in 2012.
  • I obtained a diploma in Private Investigation in 2013.
  • In 2016 I started an education path in emergency and crisis response.
  • In 2017 I completed courses given by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency.)
  • 2019 I obtained an Associates Degree in Response and Recovery.
  • I continue to expand my education and knowledge

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Essay #1

I have an enormous family, both immediate and extended, and I have spent countless hours researching and tracking my family lineage. I discovered my ancestors have so many stories to tell with a wide array of accomplishments, and many things to be proud of. Dating back dozens of generations there in one thing that none of my ancestors has ever done or shown an interest in, and that is pageantry. Not one pageant contestant as far back as I can find. To me, entering pageants is a way of establishing my own passage, presenting something unique, and adding a new type of achievement to our family legend. Winning a national title such as Ms. American Coronet would not only give me a sense of fulfillment for contributing a fresh story to my family history book, but could also pave the path for future generations to follow.

Essay #2

If I could spend the day with any woman, I would choose Marilyn Monroe. She is such a legend. I absolutely admire the way she was able to make something of herself despite her unstable childhood and the difficulties she encountered as an adult. I’d like to learn more about her personal struggles, and how she felt going through all that she did. I’d ask her if she could repeat her life what she would do differently. But most of all, I wish I knew what actually took place the last few hours of her life. Did she accidentally overdoes or was it suicide? Or was she really murdered by someone close as some have claimed?
I choose Marilyn Monroe not only because she is one of the few people that I genuinely adore and idolize, but also because she lived such a contradicting and ever-changing life yet rose above to become a legend. Something like that would be amazing to witness firsthand. Who knows, maybe I could have helped her in some way.

Easy #3

There are countless reasons why Arizona is one of the best states in the country and they can be summed up with 1 word…Diversity. No matter what interests you have, AZ has something for you.
In Phoenix there are 296 days of sunshine each year so you can hike the trails, go tubing down the Salt River, fish at one of the 128 lakes and camp year round. But if you’d rather ski or make snowmen then a short drive up north is all you’ll need to find plenty of snow.
If sports are your thing, we’ve got the Cardinals, the longest running franchise in the NFL, the Diamondbacks who won the World Series against the Yankees in 2001, and our Phoenix Suns have been playing in the NBA since 1968. Arizona hosts almost all of the MLBs spring training, is the home to NASCARs PIR, and is where the PGAs Waste Management Open is held every year.
If sports isn’t your thing maybe you’ll enjoy some of the beautiful scenery in one our 28 national parks including the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Painted Desert Botanical Gardens, and the Barringer Crater, or some of the historical places like Tombstone, the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, Route 66, the London Bridge, Biosphere 2 and the Lowell Observatory where Pluto was discovered.
Only a great state such as Arizona can have such great people such as James Hardin, Glen Campbell, Stevie Nicks,The Gin Blossoms, Alice Cooper, and Frank Lloyd Wright associated with it.
All the above are just a few reasons why my home state of Arizona is the best!!