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Essay #1

I would love and be honored to be crowned as the next National Queen as Miss American Coronet because I believe in what this program is about. I believe that by being an ambassador for this program, you need to demonstrate good character, be passionate, personable and a good role model. As the next National Queen, I would be and set an example for people of all ages. I would be passionate about traveling, state-wide and nationally, to spread the word and be an advocate for this organization. I would work to spread awareness about my personal platform, Staying Hope•Full, and continue to travel and engage in as many community service and involvements as possible. Volunteering and doing community service is very valuable to me, so I would love to create fundraisers and help organizations with my title to the best of my ability. Receiving the honor of being crowned Miss American Coronet would mean so much to me and I would love the opportunity to educate others on the importance of community service not only in my community, but nationally, as the next Miss American Coronet.

Essay #2

If I could spend the day with any woman in history past, present or future, it would have to be Ellen DeGeneres. I faithfully watch her show everyday and love hearing her message at the beginning of her shows whether it’s something funny or a serious matter that is going on in the world today. She shows unconditional love and kindness to each of her guests and is so generous with everything she does. She is an advocate for others in so many ways for different organizations and firmly believes in anything she does or puts her mind to. Ellen truly believes in paying it forward and that is the motto that I try to strive for everyday; to always pay it forward. Her show never fails to give me a good belly laugh and inspires me to always be kind and spread kindness to others, no matter what. I would absolutely love to meet and spend a day with her because her dancing, laugh, and love for all is so contagious.

Easy #3

Michigan isn’t always cold and snowy, but full of beauty and abundance throughout every town, village and city in any of the four seasons we experience. Michigan has its festivals, automobiles, music, sports, architecture, sights, views, and unique foods, but I think the best thing about Michigan is our lakes. When you visit Northern Michigan, which is where I reside, you are always within five miles of a body of water. Whether that is a lake, river, creek, stream, pond or other body of water, you can always go swimming, fishing, kayaking or boating in the summertime, or ice fishing or skating in the winter. Michigan is the only state that touches four of the five Great Lakes and is the home to the longest freshwater coastline of any U.S. state! The little village in which I live, Elk Rapids, is right on Lake Michigan and is also located on the 45th parallel, so we get the best of both temperatures; hot and cold. Whenever the sun is shining in the summer, you can always find me on the beach. Water is everywhere you look in Michigan and I love being able to hold my hand up and show people where I live because I am proud to live in a state with such beauty. I love where I live because the people are so friendly and my town is a major tourist area, so I get to meet new people every year from different areas and it makes me happy that they are experiencing the beauty that I am around everyday. I hope that everyone has a chance to visit Michigan and spend a day on or in the water because Michigan will always be my home and always hold a special place in my heart.