Tamiyah Bilal

Miss Texas

Hometown:Chicago, Illinois

Education: Texas Southern University

Hobbies: Sewing, Volunteering, Modeling, Reading, Nature Walks, Dance

Career:Teacher, Model & Event Project Manager Of SLEM Global Magazine

Volunteer Work:A.I.M.A.T. Giving, The Woods Project

Favorite Thing About MAC:Miss American Coronet Pageantry Gives Me The Courage To Find My Inner Beauty And Hell Other Young Women Find Theirs.


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Community Service & Involvement

A.I.M.I.T. Giving- Packing 300 Care Packages, Blankets & Clothing For The Homeless Of Downtown Houston

The Woods Project- Fixing & Cleaning Tents And Camping Gear For Youth Groups

The Outreach Program At The Covenant House/ Passing Out Sandwiches & Water To The Local Homeless




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Talents & Skills

I Am A Preschool Teacher That Loves To Sew & Model On Her Free Time. Obtained A Track And Field Scholarship. Joined Two Dance Teams And Band.

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I am not only a teacher but I also decided to become a Front Desk coordinator and the school cook because the preschool was in need of extra help and we’re short staff . Also the gym teacher . During the summer I will be hosting my own running club

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I graduated Eisenhower High School On Honors With A Full Ride Scholarship To Texas Southern . I proceeded to become a teacher of my own and a coach at Garden Oaks Baptist E.L.C.

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Essay #1

Being Crowned The Next National Queen Will Give Me The Opportunity To Help My Local Community And Abroad Even More. This Will Be The First Generation That Doesn’t Succeed Beyond Their Parents And I Want To Stop That. I Have Been Homeless For Two Years And It Was Difficult For Me To Feel Beautiful And Important Let Alone Wanted. I Have Finally Found My Happiness And Purpose In Life And Want Everyone To Find Theirs And It Starts With Our Youth Especially The Young Women Of Today. Sometimes People Just Need That Push That Extra Motivation And Encouragement To Realize That They Are Too Both Beautiful On The Inside And The Out.

Essay #2

I would like to spend a day with Mother Teresa. She was a huge advocate for people in poverty especially the youth. I want to talk about her experience because we share similar platforms. I would like to empower the youth and young women of the world.

Easy #3

What I love about Texas Is everything is big. From The big smiles to the big personalities and great hospitality. Texas teaches you how bring each other together and go big or go home.