Terri L. Jones
368 Belgrade Road
Oakland, Maine 04963
(207) 313-0679

Personal Overview
· Ambitious individual, have history of working several jobs simultaneously, completing all tasks successfully and adapting to, and excelling in, any work environment.
· Outgoing and positive self-starter, enjoy working with others, being a member of a productive team, and putting my best foot forward to represent my company.
· Responsible, dependable multi-tasker, take pride in being punctual, accountable and teachable.
· Compassionate person, have a desire to help others live a better life and focus on serving customers, patients, clients and co-workers so that their satisfaction is achieved.

Professional Experience
Set schedule to go into clients homes to help them with daily goals so they could successfully live independently.
Getting clients out into the community to familiarize themselves and gain confidence.
Going into clients homes to clean the home, clean the person, administer prescribed medications.
Business Ownership/Supervision
· Work in a self-directed manner, as a contractor, sole proprietor, supervisor or staff member, and tenaciously dispense with daily duties, using time wisely.
· Take initiative to market business, schedule appointments, complete assignments, finish paperwork and meet expectations, whether it is supervising shifts, creating eye-catching displays, performing housekeeping duties, demonstrating products or handling guest service matters.
· Earn trust of employers/clients by ethically and responsibly handling confidential documents, inventory, cashier drawer reconciliation, deposits to safe/bank, keys and security codes to stores and multi-million dollar homes.
· Complete administrative and bookkeeping tasks for floral contractor, large grocery chain and personal business, double-check documentation, manage transaction records, track sales, sort and file receipts, cross-check inventory, and complete computerized data entry.
· Manage shift activities, delegate tasks diplomatically, lead by example, inspire productivity and ensure adherence to company policies.
Sales/Customer Service
· Have daily contact with the public, in-person and via the telephone, strive for excellence in all customer interactions, practice patience and courtesy with others.
· Become familiar with specific products, find items best-suited to customer, use persuasive talents to up-sell merchandise and solicit charge accounts to meet/exceed weekly sales quotas.
· Handle customer complaints pleasantly, listen and offer solutions and always maintain composure.
· Place special customer orders, process varied financial transactions, record daily sales numbers, reconcile cash drawers and audit safe, using eye for detail, accuracy and strong math skills.
· Answer multi-line telephone, operate fax, copier and intercom and complete administrative tasks.

Work History
Customer Service Oakland House of Pizza Oakland, ME 07/2017-Present
Private CRMA 04/15-10/18
Daily Living Support Specialist Assistance Plus Benton, ME 04/15-05/16
Cashier/Supervisor Hannaford Brothers Augusta, ME 06/09-05/11

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Community Service & Involvement

I have spent my time donating holiday themed gifts to children once again this year at the local food pantry. I have collected household items for comminity members who have had house fires to help them start over. Donated boxes of clothes to the local clothing drives. Spent a lot of time volunteering at sporting events such as basketball football and cheering for the local schools.

I am a manager of a local pizza shop..
Since the whole coronavirus pandemic has really taken off i have been sending free pizzas to the local police and fire department weekly as an appreciation.

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Talents & Skills

I am most passionate about being my children’s cheerleader at every event they perform in. However when it comes to myself, I love writing short stories. I enjoy photography. Being in front of the camera is not as easy but I very much enjoy taking photos and editing them.

I live to cook and bake. Growing up as a little girl I was always in my grandmother’s kitchen with her and my aunts learning how to run a kitchen. I have made several dozen cakes for events and love the nervous rush of the process.

Above all else I love to sing. Whether I am in the kitchen cooking, cleaning or just sitting in my favorite chair going through my favorite songs on YouTube. There is such a relaxation and therapy about singing.

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In high school i spent 2 years as a JMG (Jobs for Maine’s Graduates) vice president.
I have owned my own house cleaning business in a vacation area of Maine for 2 years.
I was a shift leader/supervisor at a major grocery store for 3 years.
I currently run shifts at my job. Helping the shifts to run as smoothly as possible as well as being the person that manages the “i want to speak to the manager” phone calls and in person. I have been told it is because I have a genuine compassion and way about me that helps people feel their concerns are being heard and addressed.

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I attended high school at Carrabec High school in North Anson, Maine. I actually graduated in 2001 as a Junior. I was in creative writing classes, JMG and my absolute favorite was dinner theater for my whole high school career.

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Essay #1

When I was younger I wanted to be a model but it wasn’t supported and then grew up, had kids, didn’t think it was possible. Until I was given an opportunity to be a live fashion show model for years. Always wanted to be in pageants but that wasn’t supported either and now I am jumping in. I’m not only showing my children they can be anything they want to be and do anything they want to do, but I am showing the little girl in me that I never forgot her dreams and will do my best to make them happen.

Essay #2

Does it have to be a famous person? If I am being completely honest, if I were given the opportunity to spend the day with any woman it would be my best friend. I met her when I was 5 and we were practicing inseparable until I was 15 and she was tragically killed in a car accident. 21 years have passed and I still wish for just one more day. To tell her everything I have accomplished, to introduce her to my children. To tell her how much she has been a driving force in my life and it hasn’t ever changed.
There are many amazing women I would enjoy a day with but if I could only pick one it will always be her.

Easy #3

Three of the four seasons..I am not a fan of winter by any stretch of the imagination but spring when flowers bloom, summer for the heat and fall for the leaves changing, they are all magical. If you just sit and take it all in there is magic in the universe and we get to experience all of it. Winter is beautiful as well I just dont like being cold and winter takes me away from the ocean.