Zariah Noor Bilal

Little Miss Texas 

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Education: Preschool
Hobbies: Reading Books, Helping Mommy, Playing In The Flowers, Hugging My Stuffies
Career: Dancer, Veterinarian
Volunteer Work: A.I.M.A.T. Giving
Favorite Thing About MAC: I can to smile for the camera and practice my pageant wave.

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Community Service & Involvement

I enjoy helping everyone with organizing and putting things away. My latest and first of many volunteer opportunities are with A.I.M.A.T. Giving, a youth group designed to help the youth.

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Talents & Skills

I am a good dancer. I like to boogie big, boogie small and boogie in a circle.

I can balance on one leg and do a front rollover.

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In school, I guide my friends to help the teacher cleanup and keep the room tidy.

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Garden Oaks Baptist Early Learning Center

Extracurricular Activities: Dancing, Sign Language, Tumbling, Painting


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Essay #1

I Would Like To Be The Next National Queen So I Can Meet New People And Grow Up To Learn How To Help Everyone.

Essay #2

My Mommy, she makes me feel safe and make me smile when I’m feeling down.

Easy #3

Everything Is Big In Texas, Especially The Smile! I love the horses.