Pray for Louisiana

For those of you who might not know, Louisiana was hit hard by Hurricane Ida, leaving millions without power, water, and gas. Ida hit our coast as a very strong Cat 4 which brought violent winds, flooding, and lots of damage to homes, businesses, and land. We continue our clean up process in the aftermath and hope you can keep our state in your thoughts & prayers. If you care able to donate to the cleanup efforts, please consider donating to Baton Rouge Emergency Aid Coalition

BREAC was created by a group of Baton Rouge women who have a passion for service. These women were individually working around the clock in various capacities to serve the community after the flooding that devastated south Louisiana in August 2016. The majority of them were unknown to each other prior to the flood but were brought together through their various outreach efforts. They soon realized that by combining their service, they could make a more meaningful impact. BREAC is comprised of physicians, attorneys, therapists, business owners, but most importantly, mothers. 

BREAC’s mission is to provide aid to individuals and groups in times of crisis.  BREAC is a purely volunteer organization, so your dollars will go directly to helping those in need.

Entire parishes will be left without power for over a month due to a major power grid having been destroyed. There is no running water in several parishes so bottled water is vital but since there is no power for so many, gasoline is the most precious commodity. You might be asking: “Why didn’t these people evacuate?” Well to answer your question, it is because (1) They might not have had any resources to evacuate or (2) They didn’t have anywhere to go because all of their family also lived nearby or (3) They were physically unable to evacuate.

Having stayed at home myself, I can verify it was a very scary storm. So many times I thought the wind would throw open the doors (even with the dead bolts on) and break the windows. We could hear transformers blow up all around us but we luckily kept power through the night. The trees would sway and dance in the wind along with the lights hanging over the parking garage entrance. We were definitely the lucky ones so now we switch our efforts to helping others in need by helping with the clean up. Unfortunately I cannot run errands around town because so many places are still closed and I have to conserve gasoline. But, we are helping with yard clean up and cleaning out flooded and destroyed homes. 

So make sure you count your blessings and kiss your loved ones because you never know when your entire lives will change in the blink of an eye. And thank you to anyone who might be able to help!


Thanks for reading!
– Erin Husbands, 2022 Mrs. American Coronet

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  1. Thank you Erin Husbands for the detailed account of the hurricane experience. It helped me better understand what it’s like to be in a hurricane and the thoughts and challenges associated with it. Good Reading!