Presidential Volunteer Service Awards


We are a Certifying Organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards

This is a voluntary program offered to all current state and national American Coronet royalty.  These are separate awards through the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards organization, which we participate as a certifying organization.  There is no additional cost to participate.

To participate, royalty must track their volunteer hours and submit them to the national office – you no longer do this through the PVSA website.  Download our Volunteer Service Log Here.

Enter your hours by the deadline (see Calendar) and PVSA awards will be awarded to current state & national queens along with our national pageant awards.

Volunteer & Track Hours

Keep track of your volunteer & community service hours by logging them into your spreadsheet or ours.

If you have a lifetime log of volunteer hours, email it to our office by the deadline. It must be in an excel .CVS file listing the following:

– The Activity
– Benefeting Organization
– Date of Service
– Hours Conducted
– Focus Area (if available, ie “Family Services” “Arts & Culture” “Civic & Community”
– If any of these hours have been previously certified by our or any other Certifying Organization


PVSA awards are based on hours served over a 12-month period and by age.  There are different levels of awards to recognize different milestones.

Hours by Award Bronze Silver Gold
Kids (5-10) 26 – 49 50 – 74 75 +
Teens (11–15) 50 – 74 75 – 99 100 +
Young Adults (16-25) 100 – 174 175 – 249 250 +
Adults (26 and older) 100 – 249 250 – 499 500+
Families and Groups* 200 – 499 500 – 999 1,000+
President’s Lifetime Achievement Award: Individuals who have completed 4,000 or more hours in their lifetime
* Two or more people, with each member contributing at least 25 hours toward the total
Recipients will receive:
  • The official President’s Volunteer Service Award pin or medallion
  • A personalized certificate of achievement together with a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States (when available)

For more information on this program, please visit:

Because of changes to the PVSA program in recent years, PVSA awards may be send after pageant awards.  Alternately, we may substitute PVSA awards for our own volunteer awards.