Press Release

Did you know that many of the articles you see in the newspaper each day are not written by a reporter, but are sent in by members of the community?  There is no guarantee of having a story published, but there’s always a chance that you could be featured.

Use this Press Release to share the news that you are representing your state in the American Coronet Pageant, joining other outstanding state queens from around the country in making the world a better place one community project and leadership opportunity at a time.

Here’s how to submit your Press Release:

  1. Replace the generic text in brackets (including the brackets) below and include your name and phone number as a contact in case the newspaper would like to get in touch for any additional questions, an interview, or for more pictures.
  2. Look for Editor or Director’s contact information on the websites for your local news and media outlets including any local neighborhood newspaper, school publication, or even local blog.
  3. Send in a clear photo along with the completed press release to one contact at a time (don’t send to several at a time for the best chance of getting published.  Copy and paste the Press Release into an email and attach a photo.  

If your story is published, send us a photo, scan, or link and be sure to share the news on your Royalty Page!

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For Immediate Release • Press Release

For information contact:  [Your Name, Phone #, Email Here]

[Your Name] of [Your Hometown] has been selected to represent [Your State] as [Your Full Title, i.e. “Miss Teen Texas American Coronet] in the Miss American Coronet Pageant to be held in May.

The American Coronet Pageant is a program for women and girls of all ages deserving of recognition for outstanding achievements in academics, leadership & entrepreneurship, and community involvement.  State royalty enjoy a sisterhood of like-minded women who are making the world a better place one community project and leadership opportunity at a time.

[Short bio + interesting facts about yourself]

[Last name] will represent the great state of [State] for the entire year.  She also enjoys [your bobbies].

[What you hope to accomplish with your title]

The American Coronet pageant was founded in 2002 and is America’s most established program of its kind.  State queens compete in Resume, Photogenic, Community Service & Involvement, Leadership, and Essay contests in hopes to represent the nation’s inspiration women while serving as an outstanding role model.  State queens are also encouraged to participate in the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards program. Unlike other pageants, the focus is on each participant’s achievements and quality of character.

Those interested in learning more about the Miss American Coronet program can visit