Angela Jackson
2020 Mrs. North Carolina Coronet

• Pinecrest High School, College Prep, Southern Pines, NC
• American Military University, AA concentration Healthcare Administrative Services, Charlestown, WV
• Sandhills Community College, Practical Nursing, Southern Pines, NC
• Licensed Practical Nurse 2006-present
• Gardening
• RV Camping
• Kayaking
Favorite Quote
“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”
– Abraham Lincoln


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Community Service & Involvement

NC Alz. Association. I enjoy this yearly fund raiser for research and the Walk to Fight Alz. As a Nurse I have many residents that are plagued with some form of Demenita. There are many causes of Demenita besides Disease. It is a truly sad process to watch and difficult for the family and the person -m affected.

Adovate for Agriculture- Basic agriculture knowledge should be included in our education systems. As the current pandemic has proven our nation is struggling due to a dependence on commerical and technical providers.

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Talents & Skills

Poetry example

Childhood Memories

Childhood memories sweet and vivid
fresh in our minds and alive in our hearts
connecting our past with our present
allowing loved ones past and gone to remain in our hearts
with their love passed along

Dirt and Sand and Red Clay and Water
plants and fields, pumpkin patches and flowers
Play all day we would until darkness fell
tired and grumpy and dirty as well
from swingsets to bicycles
Big Wheels and our Inchworm
with our cuts and scraps and bruises from falls
and tears from fights and disagreements among all.

OUr Bandaid awaited in the arms of two
Granny and Papa would love the wounds away
making our Bandaids stick until this day.

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Leadership School – Seymour Johnson AFB 1988

Clinical Care Coordinator- Supervise all Clinical staff and ensure all guidelines and ethics are followed for Skilled Nursing.

Nurse Liason- Handle all marketing for facility and provided support and guidance for families and residents.

Charge Nurse- Supervise assigned CNAs and other clincal staff for scheduled shift.

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Pinecrest High
American Military University
Sandhills Community College

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Essay #1

Angela Jackson
2020 Mrs. North Carolina Coronet

As your 2020 National Mrs. Coronet, I would lift every female I encountered to ensure they always know they are unique and beautiful. That they can achieve whatever they put their mind to.
It is important to ensure that all women know they possess the ability to make change. We should teach our children that beauty is found in many forms. With love and compassion for others bringing beauty to our world that will make changes that can only impact society in a positive manner. Everyone, man or woman, needs to feel wanted and important. To assist another to find the positive in any situation is a blessing. Empowering another person to strive for the dreams or goals they want to achieve builds their self-esteem. With self- esteem and a support system anything is possible!
With the American Coronet program, all those involved are given the opportunity to guide and influence people we encounter. To be a positive influence as your 2020 National Mrs. Coronet would mean I have succeeded as your National Representative. More importantly as a Person.

Essay #2

Angela Jackson
2020 Mrs. North Carolina Coronet

If I could choose one Woman in history to spend the day with, I would choose to spend that time with my Great Grandmother.
Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to meet my Great Grandmother. I would love to spend one day with her learning about our ancestry. My Great Grandmother was Blackfoot Indian. I never had the opportunity for her to educate me of our history or culture. The state in which I reside has Native American heritage and Tribes that are represented in our area. However, Blackfoot are not indigenous to this area. Therefore, the traditions, language, and culture of my heritage are different from the teachings received growing up.
It is important to know our ancestry. Traditions should be passed to our children. Stories passed from one generation to the next. I would hang on my Great Grandmother’s every word if I was given the opportunity to spend one day with her.

Easy #3

Angela Jackson
2020 Mrs. North Carolina Coronet

The best thing about North Carolina is that we have it all!
Eastern North Carolina offers beaches to enjoy. Western North Carolina offers Mountain regions for those that wish to explore nature or just get away from the heat of summer. Central North Carolina may be a choice to explore farmland. Vineyards can be found throughout. North Carolina has beautiful landscapes and adventure just waiting to happen. North Carolinians experience all the seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Although, some may say we only have two seasons: Summer, and Winter. But don’t worry about the weather as it may change in five minutes.
North Carolina should be on everyone’s bucket list of places to see. But make sure you plan a week or two to explore our beautiful state. North Carolina will not disappoint. But if you do not plan enough time to explore you will be disappointed in yourself.