Proud to be part of the American Coronet Family

Hello Everyone,

How exciting, nationals are a day away! I’ve had fun competing in this amazing pageant system, and appreciate having the chance to represent my state and the American Coronet family, with pride. Participating in this pageant not only inspired me to find ways to help others despite current limitations, it also helped me maintain motivation throughout this uncertain time. American Coronet Pageants is more than just a pageant, it is an experience that has helped me on my journey to cultivate my best self. The confidence I build through participation in this pageant seeps into other areas of my life, as I continue to work toward other goals. I very much appreciate the opportunity to be state queen and represent the causes that I believe in.

Best of luck to all of my fellow queens, it is truly an honor to be part of your sisterhood.

Cherie Poolsiri, Ms. Washington American Coronet


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