Queen’s Photo Album Guidelines

We are so excited to offer each queen her own Photo Album to share the excitement of your reign! 

We do have some guidelines and rules to ensure that the image of the American Coronet Pageant is maintained as an honorable and consistent one.  In your Photo Album, as in anywhere you visit on or offline where your title, crown, banner, or other ACP items appear, you are representing the American Coronet Pageant.  Photos uploaded to your photo album will appear elsewhere on our website including our main photo album page and need to adhere to guidelines and rules. 

  1. Please only upload appearance photos or photos directly related to your reign and appearance with American Coronet!
  2. Your ACP crown, banner, t-shirt, or other official ACP gear must be visible in photos.
  3. No nudity, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products may be visible.
  4. You must not be wearing crowns or banners from other systems.
  5. It is okay to include images of titleholders from other systems in your photos so long as you are clearly representing American Coronet. 

**Photos that do not meet the requirements for Appearance Gallery will be removed at our discretion.**

You may post other photos to your blog.

 We welcome you to post any other appropriate photos related to platform, personal achievements, or hobbies that do not meet the above guidelines along with a related blog post.  All photos uploaded anywhere to our website or social media must be in good taste.

Please keep basic pageant etiquette in mind:

  • When visiting other pageants, ask if it is appropriate to wear your crown and banner.
  • Traditionally, a banner but no crown is appropriate at another system’s pageant.
  • Likewise, it is generally not appropriate to list titles held with other systems in your photo album or blog.
  • If you are making any appearance after your reign has completed, our rules allow you to appear in your banner only without your crown.




Add images to your blog using the “Add Media” Button. You will be able to add new images or add an image already uploaded to your Photo Album or another blog post.

For example:


A photo posing with items from a charity drive with your banner, crown, and/or apparel may be uploaded to your Photo Album.

A photo of items collected for a charity drive that do not include any reference to American Coronet may be posted in your blog along with a write-up about the event, but not to your photo album.

You may include photos of you alongside a titleholder from another system in both locations as long as you are in American Coronet regalia or apparel and clearly representing American Coronet

Photos were you are wearing a crown and/or banner from another system may not be posted in either location.

We look forward to seeing photos from your reign!