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  • Ms. Utah American Coronet 2021
  • Roy, Utah
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About me

Tara Goodson

Ms. Utah American Coronet 2021

Hi everybody, my name is Tara and I live in Roy, Utah. I am 33-years-old.

I would like to tell you some fun things about me. First of all, I love to dance. It is seriously my favorite thing to do. I also like to sing karaoke, read, watch movies. Another one of my favorite things to do is serve others. I volunteer in my community a lot. I have a big heart for other people and I love to spread kindness and joy to them.

My motto in life is “Wear a Crown, Be a Crown” and that means that I am confident, kind, and I always act like a queen. Actually I have two mottos, my other one is “Why be moody when you can shake your booty!” Haha!

My pageant platform is “Ability before Disability: Helping the world see people for what they can do instead of what they can’t”

I have Down Syndrome and I love it, it’s the best! Since I have Down Syndrome some people bully me and tell me that I can’t do things like be a pageant queen, serve my community, and learn new things; but when people tell me that, I do my best to prove them wrong. I am smart and I can do anything, my Down Syndrome doesn’t stop me. It might take me a little bit longer and I might need a little more help along the way, but I can do it.

Thank you for letting me join in your sisterhood!


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