Senior Prom!

Having fun with pictures before prom!
My dad has always been my biggest supporter

It’s time for my Senior Prom!  My senior year in high school is rapidly coming to an end. It’s been a whirlwind of activities.. Senior breakfast, yearbooks.. all of the last time stuff.. As well as all of the celebrations.  Last night was my Senior Prom.  It was a night full of fun with friends, LOTS of dancing, and eating!

Our school handles prom a little differently than most schools. We are required to be in school the day of the prom for a certain amount of time before we can be dismissed to get ready, so this year, the school decided to hold a Senior Bagel Breakfast and distribute our yearbooks before we were dismissed.  They took attendance at the breakfast to make sure we were all there, if you don’t show up for school, you are not allowed to go the prom.   We had a great time, looking through our yearbooks, getting them signed.  It was a nice way to spend the morning, before we turned our attentions to getting ready.

I spent the rest of the morning getting ready, it was nice to be able to do it leisurely without having to rush. I went over to my date’s house to take pictures and then we were on our way over to the school. The school takes us over to the location of the prom, so they do a red carpet arrival, formal pictures and provide appetizers for us while we are waiting to board the buses. They do a great job of making it a celebration.

The next morning, we are all required to attend school or we can’t participate in our graduation. At first, I didn’t understand this.. I thought this is our special night! Why are they making it so difficult for us to enjoy??  Then I hear stories of horrible accidents and it started to dawn on me that the school is just trying to protect us, make sure that while we have a celebration, we all arrive safely at home and can then look forward to our final and biggest celebration of all.. Graduation..


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