Sensitive Topic: death of a Sister Queen former Miss USA

This is a sensitive topic and may be a trigger for some as this post urges those whho need mental health  help to get it  

<span;>Many of you already know that a former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst  died tragically when she jumped  from a building in Manhattan, NY.  The police are investigating, which according to CNN is standard for suicides, which is what many news outlets are reporting her death to be- suicide. This is a tragic reminder that no one is too successful, too smart, too beautiful, too young or too old and has too much of a bright future ahead of them to be exempt from mental health issues including those that lead one to commit suicide. If any one of you are feeling depressed  please get help. If you are thinking about suicide please get help. I googled National suicide hotline and got the following picture and information: you can get help a 24/7
<span;>800-273-8255this information may change at any time so please search yourself if the information/number is does not work for you/could have been changed <span;>That they have help in more than one language as well as a chat available. Where you live there may also be more than one resource.
<span;>If you know someone who is planning on/mentioned committing suicide or hurting themselves please call the police; It is better to have someone be mad at you for getting them help than crying at their funeral.

I am making this post because each and everyone of yiur lives are important YOU are important.

I hope you are all happy, healthy and safe.

Elizabeth Brenner 

Miss American Coronet

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