Service Spotlight

Sadly, most of my service projects have been postponed due to the Coronavirus 🙁 However, I would love to take this time to shine a light on my favorite outlet to serve, which is my local animal shelter. I have been going to the animal shelter every weekend for about 6-8 months. It is one of my favorite places to go, and it truly brightens my day. The shelter has taught me a lot about how to relate to people, animals, and life lessons in general. One main thing I’ve learned is the importance of communication and listening. For example, if a young married couple with a baby is coming into the shelter looking for an animal, odds are they need something benign and calm, such as an older cat or a small, older dog. If the person helping them had not listened and had tried to show them a high energy puppy, this might frustrate the couple, causing them to change their mind about adopting in the first place. Therefore, communication is key. I have brought that into my other service projects as well. You must communicate to succeed and make an impact. Anyway, just wanted to share! Here are some pictures from the shelter! (You might notice I tend to take a liking to cats.)

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