Serving Others While Representing ACP ❤👑

Happy Sunday everyone and ACP family! Being Miss American Coronet during the pandemic and experiencing the cancellation of many events and festivals I was planning to attend was such a bummer, but thankfully some of those events are happening this year! One organization that I love to volunteer with is the Lion’s Club. They are all about serving others in and around the community and doing things for the greater good. They also give out scholarships to those wanting to further their education. I wholeheartedly love to volunteer with this organization and one of the many things they do is sponsor the Royal Luncheon during my hometown’s local festival for queens that attend our festival. Ever since I was five, I’ve always helped my parents, who are members of the Lion’s Club, make and serve the food. Just recently when I saw all the new ACP merchandise, I wanted one of everything but I knew I had to get an apron for my love of cooking and baking! But with being able to volunteer with this event again, it was nice to wear my apron and tell everyone about the ACP program, while serving. 

Also, one thing northern Michigan is known for is farming and agriculture and every year, sunflower fields pop up and they are so beautiful so I had to put my crown and sash on and snap some pictures as last year I wasn’t able to get these opportunities! 

I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe, healthy and well! <3

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