Snow Queen!

Some people may be surprised to learn that we do get snow in Texas. It’s not always as hot and dry as a desert here. Our Texas winters have many freezing days, some nice warm days, and a few snow days. I always hope for a white Christmas, or for snow while our house is still decked out in it’s Christmas décor, but we don’t often get it then. By February I’m dreaming of Spring, so I wasn’t overjoyed at this months snowfall. I don’t mind getting snowed-in for a few days though, because I love cooking, baking, quilting and knitting beside the cozy warm fire. And another fun thing to do on an icy, snowy day, is to get dressed up, pop on your crown and sash, and take some winter white queen photos. I enjoyed being a Snow Queen for a while. It was one of my favorite fairy tales as a child. I love my snow queen pictures because they will always remind me of this beautiful day, and of this special time in my life, when I am a national pageant queen.

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