Social Distancing While Keeping A Smile


Today was an absolutely gorgeous spring day in Northern Michigan! Even with the quarantine happening right now, I still love to get outside to go for a run, play with my dogs in the backyard or read a book on the front porch. I’m hoping and praying that this can all be contained soon because I live right by Lake Michigan and I love to go to the beach, swim and enjoy the sunshine. These pictures are taken right by the opening of Elk River going into Lake Michigan and it is one of my favorite spots to go in the summertime. I am truly blessed where I live and I would love everyone to come visit Northern Michigan at some point when the pandemic is over because it is so beautiful and the sights are breathtaking! I hope you all are continuing to stay safe and healthy and are able to get outside (but remembering to keep your 6 feet)! 🙂

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