Still Running 5ks!

As many people know, I am a college track and field athlete. Running is one of my many passions. Normally, I run in benefit/charity 5ks. Even though the pandemic has thwarted me from participating in such events, I have started running virtual 5ks. Basically, you run on your own and record your own time. I have recently run one 5k and one 10k the past two weekends. The 10k was “Women Make Waves 5k”, this was for promoting a healthy lifestyle and sticking out in your community for good. I even made it on to the race’s instagram page which was really exciting. I enjoyed running both races, and it was nice to be able to use talents to support a good cause.

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  1. Hi Francie!!!
    Virtual 5k’s are keeping me afloat. I was an avid Cross Country runner for 12 years, and ran 2 years of collegiate cross country. An injury kept me from continuing….and unfortunately now that I am coming back 100% the covid has turned all the 5ks I signed up for in virtual. At least I can continue running but I was looking forward for the vibe of running with others. Stay safe Francie! And may the run ever be in your favor (;