Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank You Teachers!


This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and I want to take the time to personally thank all of the wonderful teachers out there around the country and tell you a little about the teacher that I appreciate the most! Teachers change the lives of children everyday and with the pandemic, are finding unique ways to keep the learning going. Educators are so important and influential because they teach us so many lessons and give us knowledge that help us when we enter school as little kids and then continuing into our older lives.

Let me tell you a little about this cool guy who I’m pictured with. This is my funny, smart and talented choir and drama teacher, Mr. Stow. I’ve had the privilege to know Mr. Stow for most of my life but had him as my teacher all throughout high school. Besides dancing, singing and acting are my most favorite pastimes so Mr. Stow has been a very influential and important person in my life. I tried out for Chamber Choir when I was a freshman, but unfortunately, did not make the cut. Mr. Stow always challenged me to do better because he knew what kind of drive and potential I had. So, I worked harder and tried out for Chamber Choir again when I was a sophomore and made the cut for the next three years of high school. Also, Halloween is his favorite holiday, so we would always make sure to take a photo together every year.

I was so blessed to have Mr. Stow as my teacher and am blessed to have him as a friend in my life today. Teachers are such hard workers and I am so thankful for every single teacher that I have had in my life as they each teach me something new and different every year and always challenge me to do my best.

Make sure to thank and appreciate your teachers during this Teacher Appreciation Week! ?

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