Thank You Veterans

I wanted to thank all the veterns and the current service people. You are stationed throughout the world and  do more for people than people can ever do in return.
 If you are asking  yourself why I am writing this today and not yesterday, Veterans Day. That is because I believe we should honor and thank you veterans (and service people who will be veterans) every day. They have sacrificed a lot for thier country. To protect us and our freedom.
  But the words ‘Thank you’ are not enough. We should take care of them and ensure they have a roof over thier heads, heat, food and medical assistance they need when they need it. We, as a country have asked a lot from them and in return we should give them a lot. Them and thier families as thier sacrifices have not gone unoticed either.

So, once again, thank you to all the service people out there as well as thier families. What you have done can never, and will never, be forgotten

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