Thanksgiving collections for charities

    If you, like many people are collecting food or items to donate remember that regardless what people look like put together with a faux fur coat or layered in sweats you don’t know thier story. That faux coat may be something they take very good care of because they haven’t been able to afford a new coat in years and they don’t  want people to know they need help with food or money so they make sure they look just so before they go out! They also could  have bought that coat when they were more financially secure and not everyone is comfortable selling online. Some queens here, past or present, may be familiar with this struggle as lives can change so fast.
     Holidays can be a rough time for people and the smalest donations do help. Something that  also  helps is to have a list of places posted that you give to or know of that people can donate themselves or go to themselves if they need assistance. Some people don’t  know where to start and others are ashamed to ask. And there is nothing wrong with needing help and if people are uncomfortable asking for help that is ok too, especially  in public- it isn’t something that people like doing or ideallyhave to but the honest truth is that people DO have to ask for help. Having those resources of how they can get help can really do a lot for people. Even though Thanksgiving is a few days a way pantries are still collecting and giving out food.
     I hope you and your families have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!



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