The most wonderful time of the year!

  • Hello my American Coronet family!!
  • It the most wonderful time of the year, I am sure everyone is busy with decorations and presents.
  • We were were blessed this Thanksgiving with our eldest son, James,getting married!!  So now we gained a beautiful daughter in law, Teagan!
  • We have band concerts and family visiting. My husband had an exchange student 30 years ago from Japan come for the wedding so we are leaning how to make beautiful traditional Japanese cuisine!
  • Our family tradition of sloppy joes and green bean casserole is on the menu for Christmas day of course and the viewing of any Christmas parade!
  • I hope all of you a wonderful Christmas season with lots of love, blessings and holiday cheer!!
  • As always #LIVE life to the fullest and remember to give back! I love being your Mrs. American Coronet Queen as well as Miss Arkansas.
  • Xoxo Christy xoxo ❤️?

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