Traveling Sash Summer Wrap up!

Happy August and for all those who are heading back to school … HAPPY NEW SCHOOL YEAR! I want to wish all of the students, teachers, faculty & staff a happy & safe return back to school!

It’s been a super busy summer since my last post in June! After traveling 65 days to seven states for thirteen competitions, totaling 4,000 miles, I finally had a chance to take a breath and share with you all my pageant adventures.

June 17: I first visited Houston (again) for the state finals of Texas National American Miss! It was wonderful to support pageant friends and seeing Rylee Fonte take 2RU in the Jr Preteen division! She will head to Orlando in November for the national finals! From Houston, I packed up and headed out to Little Rock, Arkansas, next!

June 19: I spent a few days with Khyleigh, Chelsea, Ramsey, and Rylee (again!) at High School America & Elementary. It was a quick turnaround but getting to see the girls promote the BRAVE platform at HSA was awesome! These young ladies have been working so hard to spread the word about bullying prevention across the nation!

June 22: After a couple of days, I packed up again and this time headed to Nashville, TN. I was a sponsor for steaming & spray tanning at America’s Majestic Miss national finals. I was able to represent my Mrs. American Coronet title amongst a beautiful group of women from all over the country. This time I was able to spend time with Aria, Scarlett, Alexandra, Sophie, Grace, and Natalie! The best part of the whole competition was at the end where we could cut loose and go have some fun around Nashville!

June 28: I headed south back to Louisiana for dress rehearsals for the July girls and switched out suitcases! I was able to do a quick few promotions for Hotworx as a brand ambassador, and Keep Louisiana Beautiful, as a state spokesperson.

July 1: After playing a very strategic game of Tetris in my car, Natalie and I headed out to Orlando for 18 days’ worth of pageant competition. We had an absolute blast getting there (except for the 2.5 hours of extra road delays!) AND we even got to stay a couple of nights with Grace and her mom, Lisa, as we did sneak in some time at Universal Studios Orlando! This was epic because we were able to take pics around the parks with our sashes, ride awesome rides, promote “Saving the World” (my personal platform), and just have fun!

July 4: Happy Independence Day! It was also the first day of USA National Miss for Gabriela & Grace! Natalie was my assistant for steaming and to be my runner at the pageant. Natalie definitely learned what it takes to be a pageant coach and I took some time to give her “life lessons” when it comes to adulting. The moms were impressed, and we talked about even making it an official “thing” offered by TCM! During the week, we participated in services events for “Get Out, Get Active” which promotes fitness & healthy living; and we volunteered with “Paks of Hope” which focused around donating items for foster care services.

July 12: Natalie and I switch from USA National Miss to Royal International Miss just right down the street! Now it was time for Scarlett, Alexandra, Hayden, and Lili to shine brightly on their pageant stage! We spent some time educating others on Ocean Conservation Awareness, 1Smile MADE, Autism Awareness, and kindness. This particular week was super tricky since it was also the pageant week for Natalie for Princess America. Their center of focus is on “Give Kids the World Village.” I applied all the skills I learned about time management, not over-stressing, heavy lifting!, adapting, and being supportive during these two competitions held at the same time about 18 minutes apart! But all of the girls were flawless and worked hard to be their best!

July 18: Finally time to drive the 12 hours home to Louisiana! I had about 12 hours once I got home to wash clothes and repack so I could leave the next morning for Branson, MO.

July 19: 6am – I head to Branson for Princess of America with Carys & Caira! OMG we had so much fun practicing, chilling, and being in a pageant bubble with these two cuties! We took time to raise awareness on caring for our furry friends and embracing what makes us unique with Carys’ national campaign: #ShoutYourSuperPower! These two had a fantastic end with top five placements and more!

July 24: On my way back to Louisiana, I attended a American Heart of Beauty Fundraiser ball for my dual title: Ms Texas Heart of Beauty. We raised over $5,000 for heart patients in Southwest LA and Southeast TX. We were each presented and even got to do some dancing! I did sneak in a fancy pic in my American Coronet crown & banner though! Even better was that during this event, one of my tiniest TCM girls won her TN NAM title! Congrats, Ava Grace!

The final week of July I did spend time online coaching for the final two competitions of the season: Regency International and National Elite. I did attend NE in Houston on the last day. Congrats to Larissa on winning her first international title as Jr Miss Regency!

Now that I am home, I was able to finally get some sleep and start to let my Mrs. American Coronet title have some limelight! I was able to complete the Practicing the 5 R’s with taking our weekly recycling items to the public drop off. I also did a short video to let everyone know they can also recycle ink cartridges! This week (Aug 9) I am also hosting a nation-wide community cleanup campaign.

Last week (Aug 2), I was able to do some school supply shopping for local schools in my area. I love school supplies so much that I almost bought EVERYTHING! But I certainly hope it helps make the student’s year better with all the fun notebooks, pens, binders, and more! I also took some time to clean out the closets and donate a bunch of clothes to Goodwill!

So that’s my quick wrap up from the summer! Be sure to follow all of my pageant journeys on social media:

Facebook: Erin Husbands
IG / Twitter: @erinhusbands

Thanks for reading!
– Erin Husbands, 2022 Mrs. American Coronet

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  1. Hi, Erin. My name is Mary Christine. First of all, the traveling sash is really fun and so true! The pictures are beautiful. That was so nice to raise money for heart patients and school supplies for schools. Nice to meet you.

    1. I’m happy you enjoyed reading it! It’s always fun to help others, have a little adventure, and make a difference while representing pageants! Share with us your pageant adventures!