Volunteering Under Quarantine

Fortunately there is plenty of space here on post to walk and bike. And plenty to see! In my volunteer job as a contributor for the Ft Leavenworth Lamp, I have uncovered many exciting historical discoveries. This post was thought to be part of the wall in background, but I discovered it was a post holding an “observatory” to determine longitude. In 1874, this post was indeed used to determine the first, specific and exact longitude west of the Mississippi. My article about it was published in the Lamp newspaper in December. This post is just full of American history.

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https://www.ftleavenworthlamp.com/perspective/2019/12/04/first-telephones-in-city-on-post-caused-quite-a-stir/?fbclid=IwAR1grpnu99O60eUEAgQo14BVjB0RpmPbqBwcpPLXFIP_AEfzvPPwNyk-WmY Link to my latest article. I find old or forgotten history on post and in the area, and contribute to the Ft Leavenworth Lamp.…


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