We are all in this together

Hey everyone! I hope that with everything going on in the world you are all safe, happy and in good health. I have been very busy working as many hours as I can but have been contributing to my community as frequently as I can.

I am still giving free food to the police and first responders of my town through my job. I have teamed up with a pageant sister from another pageant to volunteer time with an organization  called foodforvets with 222cares. The mission is to give boxes of food to hungry in need veterans. Don’t mind the messy hair and hoodie it was pouring on us but we stayed out there this day and helped dozens of veterans take home boxes.

I have also joined many helping groups on Facebook to give back wherever I can. Recently reached out to a mother of 2 young children in need and brought her all of this food. I then went back to the store and stocked up on more basics that I can keep in a reusable bag and ready to go for the next family I can help.

Sometimes when you feel like you are not doing much, you are.

I hope you all have a safe and memorable 4th of July!

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