Welcome ACP Class of 2020!

We are now appointing 2019-2020 state queens and are so excited to welcome our first state queens!  Get to know them and our reigning National royalty on the Royalty page of our website.

We are so excited for what’s in store this year as we’ve launched a brand new website with additional features we’ll be rolling out throughout the year.  First up, we’ve launched Queen’s mini-sites where each state and national queen gets their own page to share photos, platform information, passions, and more.  You’ll get to see appearance photos she’s uploaded  as well as her thoughts through her blog. We are inviting both current and former royalty to participate.  Once an ACP queen, always an ACP queen!

If you’re looking to join our new state queens in the class of 2019-2020, browse through our website and check out our registration options.  Our competition is held 100% online with no additional fees!

Here are first state queens of 2019-2020:

Little Miss Georgia American Coronet – Madysen Washington
Miss Teen New York American Coronet – Hannah Bowker
Ms. Arizona American Coronet – Leah Carter
Ms. Washington American Coronet – Teri Le Sharp
Mrs. Main American Coronet – Shawn Cunningham

I’d like to welcome them on board on behalf of the ACP team as well as the reigning national and all former royalty.  Welcome to the sisterhood!

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