We’ll Never Forget

<span;>There are so many words and feeling that can describe today 20 years ago. There are many reports and diaries and pictures and songs and movies about today. As a New Yorker I know many people who were, and still are, affected by 9/11. Children that parents will never know, parents that children will never know. Aunts, Uncles grandparents, siblings the list goes on. 20 years ago is a lifetime yet it’s not.  Children who were infants and who were born later that year are now in college or graduated some with children of their own. Many will only know 9/11 from text books and movies. Others know it from first hand accounts, being there or seeing classmates taken out of classrooms, schools locking down, parents and teachers keeping calm for the students, the children, who parents didn’t take them out of school and the children who parents took them out of school before lockdowns not knowing why.  No one will ever forget.  Everyone has a story that they will never forget, that no one will ever forget. We’ll never forget the people, the rescue efforts or how the american flag was put back up giving hope and restoring hope. Everyone’s lives were changed that day. We’ll never forget is really the only words one can say when it comes to this day, 20 years ago

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