What can the general public do for the helathcare professionals

Healthcare professionals have been working around the clock. There are countless news stories about how stressed they are, how hard they are working and the lack of proper fitting protection materials. Many of these things cannot be fixed or made better by the average person. We can’t make protective gear in our garage or have the medical knowledge to take over for them while they need a break. So what can we do? We can thank them. We can make sure that they know that they are valued and that we all appreicate what they do. If you have extra money offer to buy a meal such as as a pizza for them and thier families or have tacos delivered. Similarly offer to send food to a local nursing or veterns home or hospital floor.


If you have protective  gear and hand sanitizer you can donate them to help them stay helathy and the areas stay clean. However many in the general public don’t have gown protectors or masks.

While there isn’t much the general public can do to help health care professionals other than social distancing to ensure that there isn’t an influx if patients and to help reduce the number of patients, qe can make sure that they know thier work isnt going unnoticed and that we thank them.
If there are any nurses, doctors, technicians, physical therapists EMT paradamdics, nuring assistants, clinical assistants, med stude ts, residents etc out there reading this: Thank you. You have done so much and have rhe public’s thanks, respect and love. You give the public hope. You are amazing and behalf of the public I thank you for everything.

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