What defines me?

What defines me? Well, that is a question that I have asked myself for years! It’s an answer that keeps changing, evolving, depending on where I am in my life. I know now that I am not defined on crowns, awards, achievements, and only successes. I am defined on what I do what receiving those or more of what I do after I don’t. You will always lose more than you win, and you have to accept and understand that those life lessons are what make you stronger and help you grow. Those moments are what define you because you have a choice. After being a role model all of my life through pageantry, dance, piano, etc, I know that every moment is watched by others, and they learn from my actions. How do you treat those who are being unkind to you? Do you stoop to their level, or do you rise above the situation and take the high road? How about when you see those in need of help? Do you help how you can or do you turn your eyes and walk away? We all have choices to make and though we will sometimes make the wrong choices, what we learn from these experiences are what defines and molds us into who we are.

If you ask others how to describe me, they might say I am a leader, thoughtful, and motivating. There is nothing more than teaching others leadership and confidence so one day they can lead a new path. I also teach others about volunteerism so we can always be working to better ourselves and help our fellow neighbor and our planet. As a role model it is our job to encourage and support those to step outside of their comfort zones to gain experience and adventure. That is where you learn to test your own limits and learn to be stronger and be a better you when tomorrow comes!

So, what defines me? I define myself as a role model and someone who never gives ups. My tenacity and ambition are what drives me to go farther the next day. These are qualities I use to teach others and leave my own legacy in them and for years to come.

Thanks for reading!
– Erin Husbands, 2022 Mrs. American Coronet

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IG / Twitter: @erinhusbands

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