What does being a beauty queen mean to you?

Hello ACP Family,

Today I propose an important question:

What does it truly mean to be a beauty queen?

In my opinion, there is more to being a beauty queen than just looking great in an evening gown or photograph. A beauty queen has many qualities that make her a great leader and inspiration to those in her community. A beauty queen is kind, gracious, as well as generous. She utilizes her talents, skills, as well as her time as a way to help others and make the world around her a better place to be. She is also intelligent as well as disciplined, and works hard to set and achieve her goals. A beauty queen is strong, and courageous, and loves to stand up for what she believes in, and also encourages others to do the same. A beauty queen has confidence that radiates from within and helps bring out the best in others. A beauty queen also has a heart of gold and a giving spirit. She supports others in their endeavors and loves to cheer people on. In addition, no matter what title she holds, a beauty queen always represents her title with utmost respect and pride.

What do you think? What qualities do you consider important for a beauty queen to have? Who or what inspires you to be the best beauty queen you can be? Every beauty queen is unique and has special gifts to share with her community. Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Thank you so much, have a wonderful week!

Much Love,


Ms. American Coronet

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  1. I agree with you on all of those points. And I would like to add another. I cannot speak for anyone else, but for me, being a pageant queen is the fulfillment of a life-long dream, as well as part of my healing process. I was abused as a child by my father, physically as well as mentally. Part of the abuse was being told daily that I was ugly and worthless, that I would never be anything worthwhile. I am 60 now. My father is long gone, and I lost my husband of 42 years just 5 months ago. The American Coronet program is not only allowing me to realize a dream, but it is helping me see the worth in myself. It is keeping me thinking and engaged, so that while I am very actively grieving the loss of my husband, I am not just sitting still and withdrawing into myself. And for that, as well as the sisterhood I am developing with my fellow queens…I am so very, very grateful. ACP is giving me a platform that will allow me to reach out to other women and girls who maybe suffering in similar situations, helping me to show them that there is life and beauty and love beyond whatever abuse they may be suffering or have endured. And when that horrible voice from my past tells me that I am not worthwhile, I know that I AM worthwhile. I AM beautiful both inside and outside, and my life DOES have value. Thank you for your blog entry. And thank you to the ACP program for providing girls and women with a venue for raising their voices for the greater good.

    1. Hello Kathleen,

      I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad that you are able to go after a life-long dream. You are totally worthwhile and strong. I am glad you are able to overcome the battles life has thrown at you. Your strength is an inspiration to me, and those around you. Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. Thank you so much for this! It was truly inspiring! I often feel that when I tell my peers about my involvement in pageantry, they begin to see me as “stuck-up,” however I believe it is completely the opposite. To me, being a beauty queen means that you strive to be beautiful on the inside, rather than on the outside. I believe that inner beauty is what shines through, making us beautiful on the outside as well. I am empowered to use my platform and my voice to fight for what I believe in. That is the power that pageantry gives us.

    1. Hello Hannah,

      Pageantry can really help a person put themselves out there and is a great way for people to share their platform. I am so glad you are able to benefit from the world of pageantry, keep up the great work!