What is Mock Trial?

What is Mock Trial?

When people ask what clubs you participate in, or what extracurriculars your school offers, seldom to people expect to hear “mock trial” come out as your response. Many people do not even know what mock trial is. Mock trial is exactly what it sounds like! It is an organized case with evidence and affidavits, that your team uses to craft arguments as defense and prosecution/plaintiff. Your team then advances to a competition where you fight your side of the case against another team in court.

It surprises me when people are unaware of what mock trial is, likely due to my healthy obsession with it. Mock trial is an amazing opportunity to strengthen your evidence-based argumentation skills, along with important public speaking skills. Furthermore, mock trial is the best possible form of preparation if you one day wish to practice law (like I do). This is why I have always attempted to use my platforms to promote mock trial, because today’s youth needs it! It adds so much to your education! This past year I was even given the opportunity to coach my school’s middle school team and take them to the state competition! It was by far one of the most exciting things I have ever done!

So if you are interested in practicing law one day, or know someone who is, PLEASE TELL THEM ABOUT MOCK TRIAL! They can always ask their school counselors if they have a team, and even if they don’t, send them my way and I will find a way they can get involved with this amazing activity.

After all, look how much fun my team has lol!

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  1. My youngest son, now 34, took part in mock trials in high school. He loved it, and it did so much to build his confidence and public speaking skills. I am so proud of you, and so very happy that you had so much fun!


    Kathleen Gunn
    Ms. Classic Pine Tree State