will you help

mom my cutbthe neighbors grass for her and I pulled all the weeds out of her flowers ?. She was so happy she didn’t have to try and do it..

I love helping others

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  1. Today we set up a new dog kennel for my Stepmom ( not our neighbor but she needed help). Tomorrow we are moving her storage shed and cutting 2 dead trees for her.


  2. Hi Addison,

    I think that this is a wonderful idea. I am going to provide some fabric masks, for my fiancee’s coworkers. They aren’t technically neighbors, but the do work with the public, and therefore, my community. I also helped clean one of the laundry rooms in my apartment complex, since our maintenance staff is working on limited hours and they are taking care of more urgent repairs and are limited on time.

    With much love and respect,

    Cherie Poolsiri
    Ms. American Coronet