World Bullying Prevention Day

October is the awareness month of many, many important causes, but October 5 is World Bullying Prevention Day since October is Bullying Prevention month. Today, we wear blue to raise awareness to stomp out bullying & cyberbullying. It’s time to end the hate and embrace what makes each of us unique & beautiful! Today I challenged the girls I work with to wear blue AND to recruit their family & friends to also wear blue. Our hope is to be the spark that creates conversation about love, kindness, and thoughtfulness.


Be sure to visit the Stomp Out Bullying website to learn more about how you can help stomp out bullying and be part of a life-changing movement! This is what they have to say about October:

“Throughout October, students and adults alike are encouraged to #BlueUp by wearing our blue shirt or their own to make that the month that bullying prevention is heard around the world.

We chose blue because in many diverse cultures blue brings peace. The color conveys importance and confidence. For 15 years, this campaign has been so successful that it has gone global.

Each year we are so proud of the youth, schools and others who support our work to Make Bullying History. Please join us in wearing blue to STOMP Out Bullying worldwide.”

How will you spread love and erase the hate in your schools, community, and work life? Share kind words. Give compliments. Be kind. Have compassion.

Thanks for reading!
– Erin Husbands, 2022 Mrs. American Coronet

Facebook: Erin Husbands
IG / Twitter: @erinhusbands

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