World Down Syndrome Day: Always Show Love and Compassion!










Today is World Down Syndrome Day! On World Down Syndrome Day, we help raise awareness of what Down Syndrome is, what it means to have Down Syndrome and how people with Down Syndrome play a vital role in our lives and communities. My life has personally been affected by a family member who had Down Syndrome, my Aunt Patti. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet her as she passed away at the age of 10 from Leukemia. Hearing about my Aunt Patti from her sister (my mom) she was always happy, full of life and just like everyone else. A lot of people think that people with Down Syndrome are “different” because of their facial features, but they are such loving, kind and compassionate individuals – just with one extra chromosome! My mom and I wore our crazy socks in honor of my Aunt Patti and others who have been affected with Down Syndrome. On this World Down Syndrome Day, I am using my voice to share that we need to always show love, kindness and compassion to everyone, especially those with Down Syndrome!

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