Writing to Residents with Love from Michigan! ✉


Good morning and happy Sunday to everyone! As I have been busy moving downstate for college and starting my new job, I also have been busy writing letters to residents in nursing homes locally and also nationally! When I was doing my clinicals for my CNA class, I found a majority of the residents really missing their families as they are not able to see them right now. So, I asked the facility if I could get the okay to write letters and be a “pen pal” to the residents whom I got to know really well during my time taking care of them. I then saw a post on Facebook about a nursing facility in Michigan that wanted to get pen pals for their residents, so I started writing to them! And then one of our national directors posted that a facility in Texas was looking to have people write to their residents and these letters are just some of those who will be going to those wonderful people.

I am not like most people my age because I love to write actual letters to people or send an actual birthday card in the mail, instead of just a text over the phone. Whenever I get something in the mail, it’s such a nice surprise to know someone is thinking about me. I absolutely love this idea for these residents because working with them during my clinicals, it truly is very hard for them for them not to be able to see their loved ones and some don’t even understand why they can’t. But, I know with these letters, it puts such big smiles on their faces. Every letter I send is sent with so much love and I make sure to let them know that I am thinking about them, praying for them and I care deeply for them. The world is a tough place right now, but when you make a kind gesture to someone that really needs it, it can make a world of difference.

I encourage you all to find a nursing home or facility around you locally or nationally, become a pen pal and write to them like I did! I hope my letters will bring as much joy to them as it did to me as I wrote them! ?

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